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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (September 1, 2002)

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"Fix it, clean it, and make it last: the ultimate guide to making your household items last forever". Wood, Frank K. 993
... Although modern medicine has its place. (From the editor). Bowden, Dan 341
A city chicken coop that works. Garcia, Stacey 170
A few days in the saddle with the Solar Cowboy. (The Solar Cowboy). LaForge, Cris 1116
A look at life in the Alaskan bush. (Country neighbors). 732
A much-loved library used to be a garage. Simola, Robert 162
A new era of dialogue. (Country neighbors). Bagans, Beverly 1460
A nostalgic look at childhood in the '50s. (Country neighbors). Gaebelein, Phyllis 1013
A woodcutter's lament: the difficulties and dangers of cutting firewood. (The woodlot). Schneider, Ralph 4143
Affordable living. (Homestead building). Conroy, Robert 279
An old shed takes on new life with a little TLC. Farrel, Bob 699
Beached fishermen make the best of a bad situation. (From the editor). Mameli, Eleanore 556
Big brother's listening. (News from spaceship Earth). 200
Candles, matches and fire starters for emergencies. (Homestead survival). Schrader, Bob 1053
Cedar logs make a cozy barn on this homestead. Grzadzielewski, Wendy 393
Check the nutrient value of your hay: it's not all the same. (The goat barn). Haenlein, George 538
Chicken tractors are great for small yards. Kuzelka, Susie Blanton 582
Coming events. 569
Conservation tips for everyone. (Homestead water). Foster, Vicki; Foster, James 994
Consumers urged to buy organic. (News from spaceship Earth). 111
Countryside contacts. 1481
Discovered in the archives "America's First Cookbook". (Advertisement). 699
Do your research before buying your homestead: it can save a lot of money and heartache. Redford, Laura 1341
Does anyone have a good salsa recipe? (From the editor). Breckenride, Jamaica; Acord, Robert 359
Dome homes made of various materials. (From the editor). Farkas, David M. 197
Easy additions to complete meals. (From the editor). Doerr, Paul 803
Ecosystem, wildlife and integrated pest management: on a small scale. (Homestead habitat). Blum, John 1903
Electric fencing for goats. (From the editor). Seibert, Steve 240
Fall activities should include sanitation. (The garden). 381
Fall is a good time to take soil samples. (The garden). 356
Fall is the ideal time to evaluate cows. (The cow barn). 349
Fast food facts on your cell phone. (News from spaceship Earth). 164
Feeling chilly? Blame the sun. (News from spaceship Earth). 147
Filtering rainwater. (Homestead water). 619
Finding Florida White rabbits. (The rabbit barn). Croteau, David 107
Grandchildren don't understand "gadgetless" life. (From the editor). Dudley, Bill 97
Grow a garden on your roof. (Homestead building). Herrick, Susan Cazenavette 2531
Growing and marketing spring bulbs. (Homestead business). Small, Lew 1565
He traded oak commode for rebuilt transmission. Wagner, Brian 652
How do you find interested investors? (From the editor). Greenhalgh, Christi 659
It is a small world after all. (From the editor). Uerling, Rose 97
It's the cat's "mee-ow": (Homestead pets). 363
Keep your compost moist with this irrigating device. (From the editor). Sulek, Robert 361
Last time we asked: what's your favorite building project? Our mailbox was overflowing! Due to space limitations, we'll share other ideas in future issues. (Question of the month). Saul, Judith M. 436
Learning about rabbits. (The rabbit barn). 115
Lettuce can be a fall crop, too. (The garden). Miller, Crow 750
Life on hold: when a homesteader faces a serious illness. (From the editor). Hyde, B 367
Low-cost foundations for small buildings. (Homestead building). Wanek, Catherine 1415
Midwives vs. hospitals ... (From the editor). Frome, Beate 869
More vitamin C in organic oranges. (Country neighbors). 264
Nature's medicine chest. (Homestead health). Hagemann, Sharon L. 2664
Nutritious food for Fido. (Homestead pets). Larson, Debra Levey 937
Operation toasty toes: knitters with a cause. (From the editor). Humphries, Shellie 365
Our greenhouse refuge. (The garden). Carlson, Stacy 1510
Permanent raised beds. (Notes from the Northwoods). Robishaw, Sue 1914
Plant trading website. (From the editor). Leister, Michelle 128
Preserve meat with lard covering. (From the editor). Fouracre, Karen 346
Prevent foot rot in your goats. (The goat barn). Bowman, Judy 897
Purchasing sheep: selected tips for the novice. (The sheep shed). Gray, Marvin R. 2651
Questions about guineas; thoughts on small-town life. (From the editor). Adams, Lee 662
Rabbit breeds: try something different. (The rabbit barn). Hoag, Shiela 565
Rainwater colletion: it's a good idea even if you have running water. (Homestead water). Robertson, Wayne 535
Raising turkeys needn't be a challenge: the tantalizing taste of a home-raised bird is worth the effort. (The poultry yard). 1891
Scrap wood metamorphs into a chicken coop. Clark, Karen 225
Settling in on family acres. (Country neighbors). Ellis, Carolyn 934
She finds stevia easy to grow, unlike rosemary. (From the editor). Franklin, Diane 94
Smudge pots aren't pollution-free. (From the editor). 482
Start small, right where you are. (From the editor). Sintay, Mariana 354
Stomatal cell growth gene found in plants. 595
Suburban mini-barn tops this list. Black, Kevin 1426
Tasty game recipes. (Country kitchen). Kolakowski, Ed; Kolakowski, Marian 738
Their 16' x 40' barn cost less than $700. Barton, Beth 937
There's more than one way to own a Ferrari. (From the editor). Carr, Charles 239
They didn't get off to a great start, but they persevered. (From the editor). Houser, Gerry 1047
They found a better way to store sawdust. Doenc, Lockwood 200
This "simple" project was a real adventure! Houser, Gerry; Houser, Karen 756
This chicken/rabbit "condo" keeps everybody happy. Egbert, Kim 280
Thoughts on "fortified" producer gas. (From the editor). Villela, Paul 296
Tips on well capping. (Homestead water). 280
Tired, maybe ... bored, never! (After chores). Nixon, Faith 746
Try this easy goat cheese recipe. Phillipps, Elaine 223
What's a homestead without animals? (From the editor). Anne-marie 447
What's more fun than a "quacker" box? Waterhouse, Phil; Waterhouse, Dianne 94
Women on a mission. (From the editor). Betts, Maxine 159

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