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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (November 1, 2002)

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"Depression-proof" sheep (The sheep shed). McCrory, Robert G. 292
"Starting over" may have saved her dad's life. (Country conversation & feedback). Bonser, Heather 1024
... Then smoke the meat in this simple. 492
59 and going strong. (Country conversation & feedback). Siegal, Barb 111
Address correction for Operation Toasty Toes. (Country conversation & feedback). Humphries, Shellie 272
An old tin roof and scrounged gutters help save water. (Country conversation & feedback). Dodds, Anne 477
Art for animals. (Country conversation & feedback). Lindner, Dee 230
Beware of carbon monoxide dangers in your icehouse. (Homestead safety). 295
Build a portable turkey pen. (The poultry yard). Holm, Donald 156
Build your own tub-style chicken plucker: with the help of this new book. 303
Canning mincemeat. Collier, Loretta L. 131
Canning pumpkin. Broussard, Sheila C. 194
Chicken coops and canning questions. (Country conversation & feedback). Crittenden, Martha 462
Choosing your homestead horse. (The horse barn). Caudell, Stan W. 1168
Christmas tree facts. 192
Cold-stirred, no-cook lye soap: now that you've butchered that pig, put the lard to good use by making ... Cordell, B. Michel 241
Coming events. 118
Conquer the beetle invasion. (Country conversation & feedback). Dieter, Robert 264
Countryside contacts. 1477
Countryside readers congregate in Indiana. (Country neighbors). Hardy, Robert; Hardy, Yvonne 436
Countryside's breeders directory. 2654
Creating the "perfect" budget. (Homestead finances). Sahadi, Jeanne 623
Crossfostering pigs. (The pig pen). 614
Design your own insulating window quilts. Robishaw, Sue 1190
Discovered in the archives: "America's first cookbook. (Advertisement). 704
Don't buy a goat without reading this. (The goat barn). Dahl, Debbie; Dahl, Richard 1654
Don't forget to celebrate your accomplishments! (Country neighbors). Silliman, Tom 1601
Equine Cushing's disease. (The horse barn). Steadman, Jeffrey 744
Evaluating hay quality. (Crops & soils). Vough, Lester 3943
Festive old-fashioned recipes. (The country kitchen). 547
Fire-up that porker! Or, two methods of removing the hair. (Country kitchen). Kafer, Peter 462
Frostbite: once bitten, twice shy. (Homestead health). J., Thomas; O'Toole, Jo Anne R. 743
Funny chicken stories keep sisters amused. (Country conversation & feedback). Watts, Lois 199
Go for the big head. (The garden). Farris, Nancy 957
Grapefruit seed extract helped his hen. (Country conversation & feedback). Pestana, Charles 299
Guineas eliminated the need for orchard sprays. (Country conversation & feedback). Renfroe, Sara 256
Help poinsettias last longer. 420
Hints on homesteading solo: what to do when muscles and money are in short supply. (Country neighbors). Sparrowhawk, Larisa 2163
History of the Christmas tree. Scharabok, Ken 269
Home to them: a hunting camp in the middle of the forest. (Country neighbors). Lupole, Kathleen 1405
Homemade water, New Mexico style. (Homestead water). Millsap, Curtis 1524
Homestead life is a learning experience. (Country neighbors). McIntyre, Diane 973
How to stretch your paycheck. (Homestead finances). Dobkins, Doris 297
Humor required; weeds optional. (Country conversation & feedback). Weger, Dawn 384
If you don't like your job, you're not alone. (Homestead finances). 454
In search of mutant weeds. (Country conversation & feedback). Eater, Weed 240
Last month we asked: what's your favorite holiday food? (Question of the month). 1831
Life is good on a city-sized homestead. (Country conversation & feedback). Marvin, J.C. 1132
Living in a teepee with toddlers was a challenge. (Country conversation & feedback). MacDonald, M. 363
Living overseas require caution. (Country conversation & feedback). 778
Living the good life at SunFarm. (The solar cowboy). LaForge, Chris 1193
Locating sources of organic feed isn't easy, but it is possible. (Feeds & feeding). Scharabok, Ken 772
Look what happens when you save just $25 per month! 97
Looking back and moving forward. (Country neighbors). Holstine, Nita; Holstine, Randal 1449
Make an inexpensive decorator floor with wallpaper! (Frugal decorating tips). Mark, Duane 847
Make your dreams come true. (After chores). Phillipps, Elaine 418
More reactions to the Hardy's gathering in Indiana. 560
Old produce saves on feed bills. (Country conversation & feedback). Francis, Mark 302
Protecting U.S. agriculture from bioterrorism. (Viewpoint). Dunivan, Dennis 878
Raising rabbits economically. (The rabbit barn). Douthart, Dennis 1768
Reader thoughts on "The New Agrarianism". Thompson, Robert 367
Readying for winter. (Notes from the Northwoods). Robishaw, Sue 1961
Saplings make a great garden fence. (Country conversation & feedback). Prospect, Sharon 448
Searching for a better breed of turkey. (The poultry yard). 763
Stiles keep livestock in their place. (Country conversation & feedback). Dulkoski, Linda 151
Sweat equity vs. cash. (Country conversation & feedback). Hobbs, Waymon 188
The adventures of building in the Wyoming wilderness. (Feature article). Nash, Hal 2727
The Hay Man. (Crops & soils). Blum, John 4476
The horse/human relationship. (The homestead horse). 1106
The secret to grading eggs. (The hen house). Bush, Bob 545
Their weekends are spent in a motor home--waiting. (Country conversation & feedback). Eldred, Rebel 322
They'll be debt-free in just 18 months. (Country conversation & feedback). Sisson, Carol 1040
Tips on butchering a pig ... (Country kitchen). Jordan, Cyril E. 1443
Tips on fattening out a steer. (The cow barn). Scharabok, Ken 749
Tomato lover shares his secrets. (The country kitchen). Bowers, Jim 908
West Nile virus affecting horses around the U.S. (The horse barn). Berends, John; Marteniuk, Judy 525
What you need to know about your homestead taxes. (Homestead finances). Carney, Bev 854
Where does your money go? 100
Why there are no duck eggs in supermarkets. (The poultry yard). Lubkin, Sandy 727

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