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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (January 1, 2001)

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Title Author Type Words
... even in Minnesota. 678
A cord is a cord -- or is it? Baggett, H. L. 563
A few things that I know for sure ... SOUTH, TAMMY 856
A hole in the forest. BAUGH, TOM; BAUGH, PENNY 2629
A two-year update on their adventures. Sakai, Kristi 679
Age is just a number. Schneider, Carol 198
Alternative power water distiller and potato hint. York, Anthony; York, Julie 196
An easier way to get "hard-boiled" eggs. Goins, Shiree R. 151
An easy-to-build tool rack. BELANGER, STEVE 238
Another use for flower pots. Bake, Gloria 157
Any advice on bartering skills for land? Williams, Cathy 500
Are the oil wells drying up? Thomson, Bruce 2458
Be on the lookout for deadly screwworm infestations in livestock. 511
Britain works on preventing asteroid collisions. 604
Can tires be used as heat source? Cease, Gene 120
Carpenter bees can be a real nuisance. Jacobson, Cheri 367
Check codes and zoning regulations when building. Pechin, Cathy 132
Cheese making sources. Photiadis, Carole 136
Cider press worked great. Steed, Jeff 211
Cider press works great -- if they only had apples ... King, Elizabeth 212
Climbing income. 153
Countryside Contacts. 116
Easy-does-it cheese (semi-hard). 305
Effects of double-digging in a backyard garden. PRUIKSMA, RICHARD; HOLCOMB, MARGARET 1593
Endangered domestic waterfowl. 615
Feta cheese recipe. Hershey, Sarah 407
Free hot water! KALMER, DOUG 944
Garden tip. Cerabone, Donna 369
Gardening lingo 101. 580
Genetically modified goats. 287
Getting online cheaply. 302
Goats and pneumonia. GARCIA, MARY 1069
Greenpeace acquitted in GM trial. 163
Harnessing the wind. HOLMAN, NANCY G. 1767
Highland cattle are making a prestigious comeback. MOSES, GINNAH 882
His advice: Follow your instincts. Allen, Tim 113
How to measure bushels of grain. 298
Insects and poor soil inhabit this homestead. 225
Irish potato fungus returns. 154
It's not too early to think about AC. Perna, Shannon 266
Johne's disease threatens dairies. 130
Leaking Mirro lids. Moran, Linda 96
Let the lambing season begin. 1523
Life is good for them in Missouri. 399
Make bio-diesel from used kitchen grease. 3419
Maple syrup -- Mother Nature's candy. O'TOOLE, TOM; O'TOOLE, JOANNE 1992
Mid-winter gardening thoughts. ROBISHAW, SUE 2230
Natural ingredients can be powerful. Griffith, Mildred 334
Nightmares in the country continue to be common ... Teneralli, Julia 279
Oat hay for older horses. 624
Paper towels make nice wicks. Kastanopolous, Roger; Kastanopolous, Patra 123
Peat filters might be feasible for filtering water. 599
Preventing hypothermia. TABOR, THOMAS C. 1793
Primitive cisterns weren't without bacteria. D.L. 654
Real food -- only for real people? DANDREA, JEAN 990
Recycled bread. Rose, Carmen 244
Regluing your wood chairs. McGREGOR, KEN 2273
Sandwich bags keep canning jars clean. Minnie, Betty 122
Saving for retirement: Starting early in life is the key. 299
Saving tomato seeds. Sturm, Frank 83
Small-scale grain raising. BROWN, ALLAN 1243
Solar equipment payback time. LaForge, Chris 986
Son thinks this mom's "cool". Reshan, Aletha 131
Sweet acorns. Perenick, Diane 102
The affordable underground house. OEHLER, MIKE 2614
The Don and Carla show. 152
Three-minute bean soups. BINGHAM, RITA 591
Tips on squirrels, bees, lamps. Hoese, Karl 378
Tractor tune-up. 257
Truly an unconventional structure. STOOPS, MATTHEW 1351
Use caution when aerating older ponds. Glennon, James 518
What is brewer's yeast? Denton, Joni 251
Where's the horse info? Kensu, Temujin; Kensu, Amiko 126
Winter in Missouri. Mooney, Claire 236
Wood burner and cola tip. Bawden, David 396

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