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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (May 1, 1999)

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"An attack against honesty". 200
23 ways to save money (and increase quality). HALL-BECK, RENEL Brief Article 383
250 days and counting: Getting prepared. 2307
5/5/2000; Ice: The Ultimate Disaster. Jd Book Review 928
A horsepower of another color. Brief Article 592
A simple diaper drying space-saver. Horning, Elaine 151
America needs to change its course. Hunter, Valerie 308
Baking with buckwheat. FEGLEY, ELIZABETH Brief Article 718
Bantams: Small bird with big benefits. Peare, A. 256
Bean seeds lived long in her fridge. Hatch, Hope Brief Article 102
Before enjoying a woodstove comes the challenge of installing it! NYERGES, CHRISTOPHER 1914
Beware those with tunnel vision. 219
Cheese: A natural way to preserve your milk. TOTH, MARY JANE 6059
Consider starting a thrift store. Peckham, Don 498
Deterring rabbits; cracked tomatoes. Johnson, Nellie 486
Dr. Edward Yardeni speaks out on Y2K, Feb. 15, 1999. Yardeni, Edward 446
Dual purpose goats meet their needs. BIRD, STEVE Brief Article 1080
Edible podded peas are easy to grow and good to eat. OHSANN, PHILLIP Brief Article 648
Feeds & Feeding: Making silage--without a silo. SCHARABOK, KEN Brief Article 901
Hardy mangel beets cut feed bills. SHAFFER, MARCELLA 321
Help for beginners: How to start plants from seed. JABLONSKI, MARIE Brief Article 741
Here's how to use big round bales. Brief Article 193
His company has Y2K problems. CANGIALOSI, PAUL JOSEPH Brief Article 791
Homemade yeast and baking powder. Paintner, Louise 243
Homestead bookbinding. Renfroe, Sara Jo 146
Homestead health: The many uses of activated charcoal. CHURCH, CHARLES L. 2086
Homesteading and alternative energy. 1598
How I built a low-cost masonry stove. AUSTIN, BONNIE Brief Article 1099
How much power will you produce? 532
I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you. 105
Inexpensive homeschooling. KENYON, MARY 474
Is steam right for you? GOEBEL, SKIP 1886
It's not their dream, but isn't it nice? Champion, Jim; Champion, Beth 456
Late news. Brief Article 182
Lies and silence. 109
Make a handy poultry feeder. Piekut, Elena 166
Making butter. 2797
March 5, 1999: 300 days, and counting ... 1876
Optimist uses gloom to good advantage. Meyer, Laura 83
Our experiences with broody hens. MULLEN, JEANNE 355
Patience is a virtue, but for a con artist, this is ridiculous! Brief Article 167
Postal Service still faces "significant challenges". Brief Article 644
Predicted leisure didn't materialize. Brief Article 352
Preparing for Y2K in the city. Brief Article 799
Raising the homestead hog. DOYLE, AL 9261
Russia changes its tune. 101
Seed-saving and pollination. 273
Sex chicks and cure scours. Reed, Valerie 156
Shallots: A versatile valuable vegetable. MILLER, ELIZABETH; MILLER, CROW 505
She didn't know she was a homesteader. Weaver, Eva 129
Some miscellaneous homestead hints. McIntyre, Brent 145
Steam power. BELANGER, JD 4328
The beehive: Reduce losses from drone comb. SHOVER, JAMES G. 351
The cost of "free" energy: A comparison. 262
The garden: Plant once -- harvest for years! 2674
The henhouse: Learn from my mistakes! CARNEY, BEV Brief Article 1011
The Hippy Survival Guide to Y2K. Jd Book Review 687
The Intentional Peasant: The Peasant ponders problems past and present. 2250
The leadership void is alarming. Brief Article 558
The Mike Brown steam engine: Simple, and elegant! 403
The profit factor works both ways. 154
The steam engine boiler. Brief Article 632
The story behind the Y2K problem. MCCAUSLAND, GERALD 2471
They Laughed at Noah: Preparing for Natural Disasters. Jd Book Review 484
Up, or down? Yes, or no? 110
Use economical thread on your sewing machine. Collier, Loretta Brief Article 83
Was the storm a preview of coming attractions? NARMI, KEITH E. Brief Article 621
Ways to make yourself useful. Erdman, Jan Brief Article 236
Webs of technology: The steam story. 204
What can people with limited resources do? Brief Article 869
Who can we believe? Belanger, Jd 4280
Ya gotta have a DREAM! Felker, Peter 4819
Year 2000 problems could, affect farm systems, services. Brief Article 437

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