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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (March 1, 1999)

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Title Author Type Words
"Animal gardening": Growing feed on a small plot. 3080
"But we've always done it that way!". 1873
"Fixed" computer system isn't. 127
01/01/00 isn't the critical day. 258
1999 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival features rare Leicester Longwool sheep. 368
A beekeeper's year. 418
A homesteader's guide to sprouts. Brief Article 1068
A primer for beginning beekeepers. Smith, Robin 490
A sensible, workable debt-reduction strategy. Popeck, Cindy 1173
A tarp proves useful in the garden. Shover, James G. 455
An unusual milking method works for her. Hunter, Julie 401
Anyone with determination and perseverance can do it. Holler, Shadow 1601
Baking with a wood stove. 487
Banks: Money and communications. Brief Article 346
Basic physics for homesteaders. 2110
Bread baker's guide to trouble-shooting. 443
Breads from around the world. 288
Chicago paper gives Y2K serious treatment. Brief Article 192
Cleaning and disinfecting poultry houses. Brief Article 507
Concerns in an affluent community. Brief Article 590
Consider communications. Oler, Ryan 505
Corn. 2234
Credit unions, the Red Cross, the money supply, nervous people, and Y2K ... 415
Don't give microbes a chance. Keyser, Sandra P. 2316
Don't hush up the problem. 116
Even paper cutters know what time it is. Brief Article 156
Farm becomes a school to share homestead skills. Ogren, Fran; Ogren, Carl Brief Article 682
Fascinated by the old ways. Janssen, Brenda; Janssen, Paul 246
Frost in the orchard. 278
Grow more by growing longer: Extend your gardening season. Brief Article 956
Grow your own tobacco. Taylor, Edward G. 1778
Growing & using GRAINS. 3377
Homesteading at 8,000 feet. Hanlon, Ted 1295
How to choose a grain mill. Brief Article 879
How to determine your power requirements. Lamb, Colley 1994
How to Grow World Record Tomatoes. Book Review 274
How to save seeds. Robinshaw, Sue 1315
How to set up your greenhouse for maximum production. Miller, Elizabeth; Miller, Crow Brief Article 628
Husbandry. Book Review 274
Isurance won't cover the bills. 128
Kinds of wheat. 361
Make bread from weeds. Nyerges, Christopher Brief Article 975
Meat from wheat! 222
Mini-Farming: A farming system for a sustainable future. Hargesheimer, Ken 1670
More concerned about the future. Scalf, Joanna 424
News from Spaceship Earth. Brief Article 558
Nightmare, or adventure? It depends on your attitude! Blackstone, Nicki 829
Old breeds can take the heat. 198
Oops! 105
Preparing in town. Dillen, James Brief Article 291
Raising rabbits on the homestead. 8642
Ready then, ready now. Haralson, Judith Richardson 237
RFD. Doyle, Al Book Review 526
Sees opportunities in the days ahead. 443
Sharing the good news. Sakai, Kristi Brief Article 741
Small-scale Community Supported Agriculture. Carney, Bev 1470
Snowbound, and bored silly. Lucas, Pete 496
Soil blocks for germination and transplanting. Morgan, Frank 1262
Stored grains should be checked often. 223
Teenager has no desire to be in town. Kenyon, Elizabeth 440
The art of winter gardening. Miller, Elizabeth; Miller, Crow Brief Article 558
The Backwoodsman. Doyle, Al Periodical Review 232
The basics of basic bread. Brief Article 778
The bright side of Y2K. Brief Article 770
The calm before the storm. 1407
The calm before the storm. Brief Article 233
The Contrary Farmer's Invitation to Gardening. Doyle, Al Book Review 352
The fab four. 1957
The homestead medicine chest. Keech, Lynda; Keech, Daryl 1191
The medicinal garden. Jones, Pier 1533
The rubbery yolk problem. 242
There are many ways to build a greenhouse. Sanders, Charles A. 1292
Try the lesser-known grains, too. 174
Unawareness is sad, but amusing. 84
Using mechanical movements. Brief Article 538
What can you do with corn? 1665
White bread: A symbol of our lost roots. Brief Article 566
Y2K and community. Ellis, Bill Brief Article 936
Y2K, childbirth, and herbs. Murray, Macee 1894
You can make a grain cradle. 139

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