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Counting upon happiness.

Per-capita GDP in Qatar (ranked 1st among 229 countries),  $87,600
purchasing power parity basis

in Luxembourg (2nd)                                        $79,400

in Bermuda (3rd)                                           $69,900

in Jersey (4th)                                            $57,000

in Kuwait (5th)                                            $55,900

in the United States (10th)                                $45,800

Overall Economic Wellbeing Index score of Belgium (ranked     0.75
1st among 14 OECD countries), 2001

of Norway (2nd)                                               0.74

of Italy (3rd)                                                0.67

of Germany (4th)                                              0.65

of Sweden (5th)                                               0.63

of the United States (11th)                                   0.52

UN Human Development Index score of Iceland and Norway       0.968
(tied for 1st among 177 countries), 2005

of Australia (3rd)                                           0.962

of Canada (4th)                                              0.961

of Ireland (5th)                                             0.959

of the United States (12th)                                  0.951

Weighted Index of Social Progress score of Denmark and         107
Sweden (tied for 1st among 163 countries), 2000

of Norway (3rd)                                                104

of Finland (4th)                                               101

of Luxembourg (5th)                                            100

of the United States (27th)                                     85

Average life satisfaction score of Iceland (ranked 1st         8.5
among 145 nations), 2000-08

of Denmark (2nd)                                               8.4

of Colombia and Switzerland (tied for 3rd)                     8.1

of Mexico (5th)                                                8.0

of the United States (27th)                                    7.0

SOURCES: GDP ranking: CIA World Factbook. Overall Economic Wellbeing
Index rankings: Centre for the Study of Living Standards. Human
Development Index rankings: UN Development Programme. WISP: Richard
Estes, University of Pennsylvania. Happiness: World Database of
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