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Counting Sleepy Sheep (with CD).

Counting Sleepy Sheep (with CD)

Rory Zuckerman

Little Lion Press

4911 Cumberland Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 20815

ISBN 9780979639333, $7.95,

"Counting Sleepy Sheep" is a sturdy bedtime board book that explores numbers 1-10 through a fun rhyming story about a little boy who can't sleep so he tries counting sheep. The book also has an accompanying audio CD that reads the story and has a sheep "Baaaa" so little ones know when to turn the page.

Cayden: "Cool! This book has a CD! Mom, can we listen to the CD and read the story after you read it to us?"

Cayden: "He can't fall asleep. I always can't fall asleep every night."

Max: "Sleep! Bed!"

Cayden: "Look, there is the number 4! And there is the number 5!"

Cayden: "She is fixing the wagon wheel with a wrench! I have a wrench in my toolbox!"

Max: "Tool!"

Cayden: "He is playing hoop ball!"

Cayden: "Max- look! That sheep's name is Max too!"

Max: "Max!"

Cayden: "My favorite page was number 2 because I was 2 after I was 1. I also like 3 because that is how old I am now."

Parent's comments:

My children absolutely loved this book, both with me reading it and listening to it on the CD. The illustrations were very eye-catching and the rhymes were a lot of fun. Cayden especially liked identifying the numbers printed on each sheep and trying to get Max to repeat them after him. He also felt like a "big boy" listening to the audio CD because he could do it all by himself as there was a sheep "Baaaa" when it was time to turn the page. He listens to it over and over again counting along with them. "Counting Sleepy Sheep" is a very fun educational book and we highly recommend it!
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Author:Aures, Cayden; Aures, Max
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2008
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