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CounterSpy Enterprise.

CounterSpy Enterprise was designed to make it painless for IT managers to rid their company of spyware, combining next-generation system management architecture with a powerful spyware scanning and remediation engine.' Designed 'by admins for admins', CounterSpy Enterprise has been built from the ground up for real-world enterprise spyware remedy and is a true enterprise-class product that provides for scalability, multiple methods of agent deployment, policy-based management and customisable reporting.

CounterSpy Enterprise's central management console allows administrators to access and control agent deployment, threat database updates, quarantine spyware, configuration, agent policies, scan scheduling and recommend actions to identified spyware threats. Deployment throughout an organisation is seamless featuring an intuitive policy-based user interface with multiple methods to deploy transparently.

CounterSpy Enterprise'-s agent scanning engine automatically scans users' systems for spyware threats. Agents report on spyware to the central server, providing information about the spyware, assigning a threat level and allowing the administrator one of four recommended actions: Ignore, Report Only Quarantine' or 'Delete.

Default actions can also be set to automatically address any spyware found based on spyware category as determined by the administrator. The scanning engine utilises a robust threat signature database that includes constantly updated spyware threats from Sunbelt's spyware research team, as well as input from Sunbelt's Spyware Fighters Network a world wide network of users who report on spyware outbreaks
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