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Counter for folding folds up.

The laundry corridor in this Phoenix house is typical: it leads past the washer and dryer to the door of a half-bath. To make the hallway work harder, this swing-down shelf provides a handy counter for folding laundry.

Two 6-foot-long 1 -by-2 cleats were screwed to wall studs; the 16- by 72-inch counter, of 3/4-inch painted plywood framed on three sides with 1 -by-3s, swings down on a piano hinge mounted to the bottom cleat. Magnetic catches and chain supports mounted to the top cleat hold the shelf in the up or down position,

Architect James Scalise designed the shelf for Eileen and Art Aschauer.
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Title Annotation:laundry counter
Date:Oct 1, 1989
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