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Countdown Con; EXCLUSIVE: The game's up for Annie after her cheeky quiz swizz.

Sneaky Annie Macleod was a Countdown brainbox - because she'd already seen the answers.

Annie and brother-in-law Victor would test each other's wits using recordings of the telly gameshow.

But Victor, who lost to Annie for years, had no idea she was watching the shows beforehand.

Now she's been unmasked and made to say sorry on telly by Countdown hosts Carol Vorderman and Richard Whiteley.

Annie, 53, of Shettleston, Glasgow, was even made to swear on the Countdown dictionary that she would never tell porkies again.

She was rumbled by her daughter Janine and will appear on Simon Mayo's Confessions show on Saturday.

Unsuspecting Annie is seen being invited to the Countdown set where Richard and Carol appear.

Annie plays the show's Conundrum game, trying to guess the word made up of the jumbled letters F R E S C O S O N.

She still doesn't twig on finding it spells Confessor.

Then Carol suddenly announces: "We want to reveal a dark secret."

Annie realises the game is up and laughs: "I admit it."

Victor, of Dumfries, was behind a camera on the set - and Annie had to apologise to him as well.

Host Richard said afterwards: "They're both great sports."
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Author:Fulton, Rick
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 31, 1997
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