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Count Basie arrangements released by Warner Bros. (Music Marketplace).

Warner Bros. Publications, P.O. Box 251507, West Bloomfield, MI 48325; (800) 327-7643; $55 for each title in series.

The recently released Quincy Jones/Sammy Nestico Premier Jazz Series, published by Warner Bros. Publications, is based on the Basie & Beyond CD, released by Qwest Records. The songs are written and arranged by Quincy Jones and Sammy Nestico with traditional big band instrumentation. The new releases capture the unforgettable musical expressions of Count Basie, who died in 1984, with harmonies and solos that reflect the sounds of the next generation. The new arrangements include "How Sweet It Is," "Hard Sock Dance," "Belly Roll," "The Joy of Cooking" and "Gotta Try Harder," among others, with all songs composed by either Jones or Nestico.

"In all likelihood, this is the direction Count Basie's music world would have taken if he was still with us today," said Pete BarenBregge, jazz editor for Warner Bros. Publications. "Sammy Nestico and Quincy Jones both composed, arranged and conducted for the Count Basie Orchestra. He was their musical mentor, and they pay tribute to him with this work."

For more information contact Warner Bros. Publications.
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