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Council should reveal who its high-earners are; REX MAKIN The Liverpool lawman is Makin his point.


WHEN councillor Storey had to step down as council leader after the spat with Henshaw, this should have been a lesson to the ruling Lib Dems to stop the increasing payouts to staff.

Now we have had the revelation that Liverpool is near the top of the league table who pay senior staff more than pounds 100k a year.

Worse is the failure by the council to refuse to name the officers earning more than pounds 150k a year.

Councillor Flo Clucas said Liverpool was a basket case until the Lib Dems took it over. Quite right Flo, in every sense of the word, but that is ancient history.

According to a report just published things have not got any better, in fact they have got worse.

. IN AN attempt to cut the national deficit, the government says it will cut back on agencies and outside contractors.

The same should apply to local government where the use of agencies and outside contractors is growing by the day. The city council contracts out all the time and sometimes to mugwumps. I recently came across a prize example of this, but professional etiquette prevents me from telling you what it was.

Perhaps it is a case of the blind leading the blind, if that is not too offensive.

. BRADLEY vows to sort out failings in rebuilding our derelict buildings.

This was the ECHO headline on Monday last which brings me to recall that on a number of occasions I have mentioned the apparent neglect of the city council and the leader to deal effectively with the question of the Neptune Theatre, where things go from bad to worse.

I am reliably informed there appears to be a standstill. Council taxpayers' money is being poured down the drain to no effect.

At the same time Bradley says he has spoken to Alex Salmond about how a minority gover nment works "We have got to be grown up" he says. You can say that again!

. AT a recent university lecture Cherie Blair reported on the charitable past of Merseyside and how benevolent action could play a part in the future.

She is quite right. We have a wonderful record but unfortunately, nowadays, it is not fully appreciated by some organisations, which is hardly encouraging or inspiring to produce results.

I have had experience on two well-known fronts.

. WITH Gordon Brown inappropriately referring to Wayne Rooney's ankle in the course of one his pronuncimentos it is hardly surprising that Wayne and his wife are the centre point of jokes in the rollicking A Fistfull Of Collars now playing at the Royal Court.

It is a fistfull of belly aching laughs set in a dry-cleaners on Wavertree High Street.

When Wayne, unseen, calls at the premises a character asked if it is him outside the reply comes 'well it's either him or Shrek'. As for Suzanne Collins, formerly of Brookside, who wears nothing but a black lace corset, skimpy knickers and high heels she presents quite an eyeful.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 30, 2010
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