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Council on Economic and General Welfare (E&GW) philosophy statement and goals.

The Council on Economic and General Welfare (E&GW) is the governing body of the Collective Bargaining Assembly (CBA) composed of every collective bargaining member of the Montana Nurses' Association. The E&GW Council promotes the economic and general welfare of all nurses through collective bargaining and political advocacy.

The MNA E&GW program advocates:

* The full participation of nurses in all matters relevant to the profession

* The profession's responsibility to the economic, employment and professional concerns of nurses

* The collective and individual representation by MNA of nurses in their employment setting

* The profession's promotion of adequate healthcare for the general population in compliance with the profession's established standards

In the State of Montana, MNA's E&GW program is the exclusive identity for collective bargaining nurses. In light of the program's philosophy statement, the E&GW specifically endeavours to:

* Evaluate and respond as appropriate to issues related to the professional, economic and employment concerns of nurses

* To educate E&GW members in the knowledge of their rights in the workplace setting and their responsibility to their profession through continuing education offerings

* To lobby and monitor legislation affecting the nursing profession and collective bargaining relationship between employers and employees

* To assume and maintain a position of leadership in securing the optimal economic and employment satisfaction for members through collective action

* To maintain an understanding of the health care system

* To provide a program which; assures local bargaining unit contract administration, enhances leadership skills for local bargaining unit leaders, and assists nurses in obtaining collective bargaining recognition by employers

The E&GW program of the Montana Nurses' Association is an innovative leader in labor relations through the professional conduct of local unit and state level leadership, and through the guidance of the labor relations staff.
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