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Council discusses Bond Elementary at March meeting Council: New Brine Pump purchased for water plant.

Byline: Submitted by Assumption City Clerk Janet Waller

In the absence of Mayor Don Dust, the Wednesday, Mar. 6 meeting of the Assumption City Council was called to order at 7 p.m. by Pro tem Mayor Derek Page who then led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Aldermen Barb Coughlin, Roger Cox, Derek Page, Betty Park and Selena Reed.

Also present were Pro tem Mayor Derek Page, Police Officer Peter Zeitler and City Clerk Janet Waller. Mayor Don Dust and Attorney Jack Kiley were absent due to vacations. Present in the audience was Sue Burgess and Mark Ashinhurst.

Mayor comments: March 18 this the Central A&M School Board Meeting. The school board will decide if they are going to hold onto Bond a little bit longer or not. If not the council will hold a special meeting on Monday, March 25 for the council to discuss and possibly vote on Bond Elementary. A few letters have been mailed out on some houses that are indeed of repair and trash issues.

The IML is asking for shovel ready projects and will submit them to the legislature for the importance of a capital bill. Mark Bingham was asked about some possible projects and he suggested Larochelle Street, Nitrate removal and water main and a sanitary sewer system. It all depends on Phase I on the Sewer Project. Pro tem Mayor Page submitted the information to IML. We have had some complaints on ATV's and the council will have further discussion with police and possibly create a specified ordinance. Council was reminded to turn in the Economic Interest Statements.

Under New Business: The Motor Fuel Tax was approved. Street Superintendent Darin Damery will need rock for the oiling. Approximate cost is $9,000.

Damery would like to do an early buy of about 5 cases mosquito spray from Outpost, which the council approved unanimously.

Temple Displays are having an after Christmas special and the city could use some new garland for the light poles. The freight is cheaper this year and the approximate cost is $632.92, including freight, but the order must be made in February.

Also Brian Hiler received a $2500 from Monsanto and is donating it to Assumption Community Pride to be used for Christmas decorations. Alderman Cox made the motion to purchase garland from Temple Displays for $632.92, seconded by Alderman Coughlin.

Motion carried.

There was a leak at 207 N Locust Street with a leak of over a million gallons. Page discussed this was brought to council since the leak was so large. The Water Committee would like to use an adjustment on the bill. Cox made a motion to allow an adjustment to 207 N. Locust Street, seconded by Alderman Coughlin. Motion carried.

Water Collector Tanya Rhoades has been having problems with her computer and would like to see if it is a possibility of getting a new computer not to exceed $2,000. It was approved by the council.

It was reported that the pump at the water plant failed while backwashing and a new one was ordered for $657.39. Alderman Reed questioned what the function is on the pump. Office Zeitler explained it is a pump needed for the saltwater tank. Alderman Reed made a motion to Purchase a Brine Pump for $657.39, seconded by Alderman Cox. Motion carried.

An estimate was received from John Holthaus to prep the slag pile. Cox made a motion to approve the estimate and not to exceed $4800, seconded by Alderman Coughlin. Motion carried.

A bill was received from GAB for moving of electrical services at 127 N Chestnut due to the upcoming demolition of that property. The bill was for $2001.31, which was approved by the council unanimously.

Assumption Fest would like to use the streets on June 27, 28 and 29, 2019. The council members' consensus was that they have no problem approving the use of the streets.

A sidewalk repair form was given to all alderman. Alderman may complete the form if they have any complaints. If a complaint is made, a record must be made and the city must do something about it. Discussion was held regarding Illinois Street Park bathrooms. Council would like to have them painted and sent out to bids for a licensed plumber to replace the sinks and stools. Discussion was held about whether the bathrooms open and concerns about vandalism.

Pro tem Mayor Page discussed the mowing and recommended to leave everything as is. Council discussed and agreed to leave it as is. Discussion was held regarding that the rates could increase if bid out. J & M Displays cost for the fireworks for July 4 is $6200. Prices increase around 10 percent every year. The council approved the purchase.

Public Comments: Mark Ashinhurst lives next door to the Illinois Street Park and has problems with the drainage from the park. He has to have a sump pump by his back door when it rains. He would like to know if there is anything else that could be done. He also brought up that the lights are left on at the park. A suggestion was made about getting a timer for the lights. He also asserted that bathrooms get destroyed if they are left unlocked. Discussion was held regarding ways to add some security at the park.

Alderman Cox mentioned he would like to fill Alderman Dust's seat soon and possibly before the elections. He said he does not like the idea of Mayor Dust being the mayor and also voting as an alderman, as the city is going to have some important votes in the near future.
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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Apr 10, 2019
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