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Council cynicism; You Say

IN A VIDEO on the Liverpool ECHO website, council leader Phil Davies wrings his metaphorical hands and hints at voluntary redundancies ahead of making 500 staff compulsorily redundant.

Council staff have had this voluntary redundancy carrot dangled in front of them twice over the last 14 or so months, have been invited to put their names forward, have done so, and then heard nothing at all.

Now the same mouldy carrot is dangled once again, for a third time.

This is not only cynical on the part of the council towards those who work for them, but as a council employee, I find this is bordering on mental and emotional bullying and shows nothing but contempt for the work force.

This is the same work force which, over the last few years, has endured severe cutbacks, effectively had its pay cut, endured staff reductions, loss of services and yet has still been expected to operate at the same level.

To their credit these employees have pretty much done exactly that.

It is not good enough.

Dave Peddie, via email
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2014
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