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Council and committee compensation for 2011.

The remuneration and expense totals for councillors and committee appointees in 2011 were released this month.

Mayor Ron Eddy, who is also a member of the board for the Rural Ontario Municipal Association and the AMO, the association representing municipal councils in Ontario, received an honorarium of $65,662.95 plus $3,199.05 in benefits and $10,358.44 in expenses.

Ward 4 Coun. Robert Chambers topped the list of councillor pay packets with a total of $27,673.31, including $21,265.36 in honorariums, $834.70 in benefits and $5,573.25 in expenses, the highest of any councillor. Chambers, a resident of Harley south of Burford, drives the furthest to attend meetings.

St. George councillor John Wheat took in the lowest compensation of $23,618.77 composed of $20,515.36 in honorarium, $391.72 in benefits and $2,711.69 in expenses. Schmitt received the highest benefit amount of $3,052.97. His expenses were $1,398.27 and total honorariums were $21,565.36. Paris councillor Murray Powell had the lowest in benefits, $308.16--along with $3,228.08 in expenses and $20,515.36 in honorariums.

Some members of council - Eddy, Schmitt, Cardy, Atfield, Chambers and Coleman - were required to hand over to the county some of their remuneration for attending meetings of outside boards, including Brant County Power and conservation authorities.

Honorariums for all members of council totaled $244,594.63 plus $30,122.08 in handbacks; $20,819.80 in benefits and $40,181.09 in expenses.

Police Services Board member David Bailey received $2,665.66 for attending meetings. Wally Lucente received $2,651.22 and Michael O'Byrne received $2,583.52. No member claimed any expenses.

Committee of Adjustment member Robert Hamilton received a total of $2,665.66 in honorariums. Willem Bouma was paid $3,253,53 including $2,651.22 in honorariums and $602.31 in expenses. Mary Jane Brown received $2,999.96 in total including $2,651.22 in honorariums and $348.74 in expenses. Joseph Kloepfer and Arthur Lefebvre of the committee each received $2,651.22 in total with no expenses.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Mar 30, 2012
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