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Council 'cut grass verge too early' ..and 'it's ruining wildlife'.


A PETITION has been launched against a council's "wanton destruction" of grass verges.

Angry residents say Denbighshire Council have cut down wildflowers before they have time to set seed.

They say food and sanctuary for pollinating insects including bees of all types has also been removed.

An online petition has now been set up calling for the authority to stop cutting the verges early deeming it a "pointless exercise." So far it has already attracted almost 130 signatures and the matter will be discussed by Bodfari Community Council on June 12.

Concerned resident, Jenny Briggs said she was "saddened and angered by such wanton destruction", adding: "There is no safety reason for cutting at this early stage - the grass is not high enough to impair sight lines along the lanes, so scarce county council resources have been used to no effect and the process will have to be repeated later on when the grass really does get high. What a waste - it could have been used to mend potholes."

She added: "If I want to enjoy the countryside I can drive there - thus polluting the atmosphere even more. What a pity when last year I could have just walked outside my house."

Denbighshire's own Roadside Verges Project states: "As well as making our surroundings less attractive, cutting roadside verges when they are full of plants in flower also harms the wildlife that feeds, shelters and nests there.

"Although most verges do benefit from a cut at some point in the year, ideally the plants they support should be allowed to flower and set seed first, otherwise we will eventually lose the wildflowers and much of the wildlife associated with them."

" But a Denbighshire Council spokesman said only 1m of the verge was cut adding: ""'We were badly affected in many ways by the late arrival of a substantial amount of snow and this also had an impact on our highways maintenance schedule.

"Spring growth has taken place later than would normally be the case and whilst we are endeavouring where possible to avoid cutting populations of daffodils or wild flowers we also have an obligation to maintain highway safety.

. ? TO sign the online petition, visit


Denbighshire council have been accused are cutting grass verges too early
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:May 23, 2013
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