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Coulter's Syndicate Won't React to 'Faggot' Slur.

Ann Coulter's syndicate declined to comment about her Friday slur implying Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is a "faggot."

When contacted by E&P today, Universal Press Syndicate issued a statement saying it "can only address Ms. Coulter's newspaper column," not her speeches. Universal added: "To date, we have not heard from any of her client newspapers about the verbal remark. Yes, her client list is still about 100."

If Coulter submitted a column containing the word "faggot," would Universal allow it? A syndicate spokesperson replied that Universal "is not going to speculate about a column that hasn't been written."

Universal was also asked how it would have reacted if Coulter had slurred an African-American politician with the "N" word (the racial equivalent of "faggot"). The syndicate declined to answer.

E&P, in a September 2006 story, asked syndicate executives if they'd allow the "N" word in a column. Universal President Lee Salem replied back then: "It depends on the context. We've rarely done so, and only with a note to editors flagging the column."

Coulter followed up her slur against Edwards with a note on her Web site saying Edwards' campaign manager -- former Congressman David Bonior -- "is fronting for Arab terrorists".

Unlike many cases in the past, several leading conservative commentators have joined in condemning Coulter's "faggot" remark, as have Republican candidates for president McCain, Romney and Giuliani.

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Title Annotation:political activity of Ann Coulter
Author:Astor, Dave
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Date:Mar 5, 2007
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