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Could broccoli help treat diabetes?

By: Egypt Today CAIRO -- 21 June 2017: Your parents might have been right about the goodness of broccoli: a new study suggests that a substance in broccoli may help diabetes patients have better control of their blood sugar. According to Science Translational Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal discussing the latest in scientific advancement, the green vegetable contains an antioxidant known as sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a compound within the isothiocyanate group of organosulfur compounds that helps obese type two diabetes patients in controlling the high blood sugar levels. According to New Scientist, type two diabetes usually develops around middle age, often in people who are overweight. Their body stops responding to insulin that controls the level of glucose in the blood. The research was short term and with a small amount of people; it was done in 12 weeks and with 97 diabetics. During the 12 weeks, they were given a powdered broccoli sprout extract which contains about 100 times the amount of sulforaphane found in broccoli, New Science reported last week. Assistant professor Anders Rosengren told New Scientist that there is a strong indication that broccoli can provide a valuable supplement to existing diabetes medication. However, it would take around four to five kilos of broccoli to provide the amount of sulforaphane needed daily.

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Publication:Egypt Today
Date:Jun 21, 2017
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