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Could YOU be sitting on a secret fortune!

Byline: ANTONIA BANNISTER News Reporter

SECRET fortunes could be waiting to be claimed in Coventry.

Millions of pounds of property, money and valuables have been left behind by Coventry residents who died without making a will or who had no known next-of-kin.

According to the Government's treasury solicitor 168 estates have yet to be claimed by the relatives of deceased people who were born or died in the city.

The Government's Bona Vacantia Division holds a full list of unclaimed estates which is updated daily with the names of people who have died leaving no will or no known next-of-kin.

The oldest unclaimed estate in Coventry belongs to Herbert William Russell who was born in the city in July 1914 and passed away in February 1985.

Since the start of 2016, three estates in Coventry have been referred to the Bona Vacantia Division.

The most recent case is that of Patrick Carolan, who died on August 3. He was a widower, whose late wife was called Ellen Carolan. He was born in Ireland on January 29, 1924.

The second case is of an Ann Williamson, who died in Coventry on July 26. She was a widow who was born somewhere in England on May 19, 1940.

The final estate waiting to be claimed involves a Joseph Melia, who died in Coventry on March 3. He was born in Liverpool on August 31, 1954. His marital status is unknown.

Across the whole of England and Wales, 483 estates have been referred since January 2015.

There is a hierarchy of people who can make a claim with top priority going to spouses or civil partners, then, children, grandchildren and so on.

Other immediate family who can make a claim if none of the above come forward include parents and siblings.

Claims are generally only accepted by the division within 12 years from the date the administration of the estate was completed.

Anyone who believes they are entitled to claim are supposed to send a family tree to the division, showing how they are related to the deceased. That should include dates of birth, marriage and death of everyone listed on the tree.


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