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Cottonwood canopy, curving walls give front-yard privacy.

Security, privacy, and sun control were the gains when landscape designer William Tonneson wrapped the front of his concrete-block tract house in Tempe, Arizona, with a curving concrete-block wall. Before, the house was not screened from the street, and there were few outdoor places to escape summer sun. Now, the space between the wall and the house provides a shaded entry courtyard filled with container plants and a fountain. The splashing sounds of the fountain echo against the masonry walls, increasing the feeling of coolness.

The main wall runs 36 feet across the front garden. Set above it is a wooden trellis that anchors to the eave of the house and rests on beams supported by two concrete-block columns. The trellis extends beyond the wall and so appears to float slightly above it. A rich cobalt blue, the trellis stands out against the muted gray of the concrete. (To blend the house with the new wall, Tonneson sandblasted the paint off the house.)

There's a shorter section of wall near the corner of the house. A doorbell set in this outside wall serves the new entry gate.

A concrete walkway runs from the sidewalk to the new entry. Between this path and the driveway, Tonneson planted cottonwood trees and Vinca major.

Near the street, another low curving wall carries the house number.
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Date:Jun 1, 1985
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