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Evils of our day: in the first of a series, a distinct sub-branch of the Te Henga Marxist Collective examines the concept of Nursism. Essay May 1, 2014 877
End child poverty! Te Henga believes every child should be a wealthy child. Conference news Mar 1, 2014 898
Rewarding the deserving--the Commo Commendations. Dec 1, 2013 925
Where is the humanity in HoNOS? Nov 1, 2013 978
All aboard--think locally: with the local body election season just behind us, Te Henga reveals the diary of a district health board hopeful. Diary entry Oct 1, 2013 918
The South seethes: rumbles from beyond Raukawa Moana. Aug 1, 2013 960
In the lair of the Facist Beast ... and a small serving of semantics on the side. Jun 1, 2013 920
Primed for life--working for the ministry: 'some people work very hard. But they still never get it right ...'. Apr 1, 2013 923
Into the new year! We're on the road to nowhere ... Feb 1, 2013 836
NKVD? No, NZNO! Stalin lives, Nic ecstatic! Trusting the process, Heideggarian Hermeneutics, morality courses, constitutional issues--they're all part of Te Henga's ambit. Nov 1, 2012 907
Dot and the Nodding Donkeys--sycophancy at work: a nodding Donkey screening tool has developed to established 'Obedince Boundaries' for aspiring DHB staff. Sep 1, 2012 718
Management models--who gives an F? DHB CEOs are currently engaged in a raging philosophical debate over what is the best management model to adopt as a template for excellence. Jul 1, 2012 761
The Olga diaries--a day in the life of Olga the intern: Olga shares a hectic day in her nursing life, what with PDRP peer review forms, Quality Team updates, Ministry Benchmarking Indicators, working with a naive student and receiving the Wellness Warrior of the Month Award. May 1, 2012 911
All the news fit to print--you read it here first: lean thinking, naming and shaming, destigmatising narcissism--Te Henga is on to them all. Mar 1, 2012 942
Found pieces--news items of interest: the end of another profoundly satisfying year for our Profession seems an appropriate time to reflect on some publications which inspire us professionally and personally. Dec 1, 2011 913
Guerilla Nursing - keeping water wet: Guerilla Nursing, developed by a clique of international Marxist Nurses, is a new Model of Nursing, which is set to take the nursing world by storm. Oct 1, 2011 937
Who ate all the pies? Inspired by a certain Englishman, the Te Henga Nurses Marxist League has come up with a revolutionary new strategy. This is no pie-in-the-sky theory; rather a pie-in-the-face movement. Aug 1, 2011 971
Signifying Mary: move over Florence--nursing has a new mother. Well Guerilla Nursing that is and it's Mrs Mary Seacole. Jun 1, 2011 922
Let's get lean: out of tragedy comes opportunity. Lean thinking is one such opportunity. Apr 1, 2011 867
Embracing burnout: a Deconstructed Heideggerian Hermeneutic Neoparadignamic Consideration--this is what is presently occupying the collective mind of the Te Henga Wing of the Nurses' Marxist Alliance. Dec 1, 2010 922
Ask the auntie - rough advice from the burnout zone. Oct 1, 2010 923
Happy happy clappy clappy--everyone's smiling on planet DHB: District Health Board newsletters are immensely important as a means of communicating awesome achievements. Because of their importance they can't simply be thrown together; they must be carefully crafted. And Te Runanga o Nga Nehi Marxist o Te Henga has met the man charged with this exacting task. Aug 1, 2010 866
The recessionista files--the first cut is the deepest: Te Runanga o Nehi Marxist o Te Henga has a deep and abiding love of nursing history. Members sometimes unearth gems which teach us a great deal about the roots of our profession. Jun 1, 2010 844
Celebrating the Bureaucratic Emissions Reduction Scheme: a recent gathering in the Copenhagen of the Antipodes- Levin - brought together some of the great minds in health bureaucracy. A member of the Te Henga Marxist Nurses' Union, after filling in the necessary forms in triplicate, was very privileged to attend and report back. Feb 1, 2010 860
The angry manager's course--better bullying through science: the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union hopes to maximise its earning potential and educational credibility with a new management training approach developed by two of its members. Nov 1, 2009 885
All the news you need: the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union has been stung by criticism it is irrelevant. It is determined to prove communists can be current. Sep 1, 2009 959
A theoretical death? The Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union mourns the passing of Nursing Theory. Jul 1, 2009 867
Over staffed, over paid and over here: the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union offers district health boards some invaluable tips on how to attract and retain a raft of overseas staff--ideally at the expense of nurses. May 1, 2009 898
Disease update: professionitis: from time to time, the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses" Union publishes a scholarly paper on a disease. This is one of those times. Mar 1, 2009 872
2008 best of the best awards. Dec 1, 2008 823
Remembering a Maori mental health nursing pioneer. Nov 1, 2008 225
Evil plans thwarted: thank goodness for the investigative powers of the Te Henga Section of the Nurses' Marxist Union. It has uncovered an ancient but evil plot that aimed to undermine nursing from within. Oct 1, 2008 896
Dot triumphant: Dot has had o dizzying rise through the corporate ranks at her district health board. And her son-substitute Kone has carved out a highly successful career there too. They're both truly inspirational and are enjoying the fruits of their success. Aug 1, 2008 795
The management academic complex-Ike was right! According to Nick, a bit of a hot head in the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union, nurses need to be very aware of the machinations of the Management-Academic Complex. Jun 1, 2008 972
Election year blues: in the true spirit of democracy, the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union invited representatives of various political parties to talk about their health policies. It was an enlightening affair. Apr 1, 2008 889
HoNOS board ... and the award goes to ... Like all professional groups, the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union likes to honour its own end celebrate excellence. That's what its annual award ceremony is all about. Feb 1, 2008 869
There's trouble in the chook house: what horrors are being perpetrated across the Tasman? The Te Henga Section of the Nurses' Marxist Union investigates. Nov 1, 2007 772
Take me to your leader: Phil from Forensics has landed the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union in a spot of bother with his tirade against Nursing Leaders, published in an obscure communist rag. Sep 1, 2007 872
Sect, sells--more opium of the people: sects, sub sects, schisms and cults are all part of the holy nursing family. The Te Henga Section of the Nurses' Marxist Union provides a brief guide to some of the more influential groups. Jul 1, 2007 923
Commies go to church: a member of the Te Henga Section of the Marxist Nurses' Union has seen the light about Evidence Based Practice. And he's anxious to share his new-found knowledge with his comrades. May 1, 2007 1007
Ka pai, te roro hiko: The world of technology provides fabulous opportunities for the right people, in the right place, with the right skill set (and the right car), at the right time. Mar 1, 2007 990
Performing seals: a nursing consultant and child of postmodernism, Gertrude Steen, shares with the Te Henga section of the Nurses' Marxist Union the best way of approaching the complexities of competencies a la PDRPs. Dec 1, 2006 1007
Dissecting the carpenter conspiracy: a senior lecturer breaks the shocking news of the transfer of nursing education from hospitals to the tertirary education sector to the Te Henga Section of the Nurses' Marxist Union. Oct 1, 2006 997
Meeting with remarkable academics: the Te Henga Section of the Nurses' Marxist Union has launched its Winter Series of Lectures. Education is the theme and the opening lecture was delivered by a remarkable academic. Aug 1, 2006 961
In truth lies beauty, and in beauty truth: the Te Henga Section of the Nurses' Marxist Union invited a guest philosopher to help them ponder the rights and wrongs of the photographic essay. Interview Jun 1, 2006 924
Living is easy with your eyes closed: this month, the local Te Henga nursing group tackles the issue of scepticism versus cynicism and ponders which quality is more prevalent in the nursing profession. Apr 1, 2006 1038
Cottingham's Law: report from the working party on nursing expertise: defining nursing expertise has engaged the minds of many a fine nursing figure and filled many worthy but unread volumes. One local group offers its own take on this fascinating topic. Feb 1, 2006 993
Essay wha? Is there any point whatsoever in nursing students writing essays? Do they really serve their supposed purpose of developing critical thinking skills and ascertaining how students are processing information? A former educator has his doubts. Sep 1, 2005 957
Nursing council no longer democratic. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 277
Apology for Nursing Council 'insult'. Letter to the Editor Sep 1, 2004 628
Nursing education--the solution or the problem? All is not well in undergraduate nursing education. But there is a reluctance among educators to honestly examine why, according to a nurse educator who has returned to practice. Nov 1, 2003 1410
Let's celebrate, not impose mental health standards. Letter to the Editor Aug 1, 2003 357
Guidelines, regulations, standards, policies and ... in increasingly stressful and litigious times, are the policies governing nursing practice becoming more important than the practice itself? May 1, 2003 998

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