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Cotterill, Jo and Brett, Cathy: Electrigirl.

Cotterill, Jo and Brett, Cathy


Oxford, 2016, pp208, 6.99[pounds sterling]

978 0 19 274355 8

You want a pacey sci-fi mystery/thriller with a pulsating eleven-year-old female superhero? Well, welcome Electrigirl, real name, Holly Sparkes--a kid who gets struck by lightning that bounces off a phone mast belonging to the Cybersky Corp. This new company, fronted by the evil Professor Macavity has designs on Holly's best mate, Imogen, who will now only communicate with her Cybersky mobile phone, rather than her human friend. Holly is most upset by being dropped. But when Holly discovers the lightning strike gave her electric powers, her superhero-obsessed younger brother Joe becomes her mentor, and together, as a crack team they take on Macavity and her Imogen-centred Frankenstein of a plan.

The tale is told with panache and a cracking pace. It fizzes with excitement as text turns to graphic novel and action scenes featuring Holly's zinging, sparking fingers, explode to life thanks to superb artwork by Cathy Brett. References to other comic book superheroes are also wittily scattered along the trail. Accompanying all of this are the pained psychological insights of a young girl struggling with friendship issues and the complexities of family life, particularly embarrassing parents. Cotterill skilfully balances all of these factors to deliver a dazzling punch of a novel. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next instalment of Electrigirl.

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Author:Zucker, Jonny
Publication:School Librarian
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Date:Jun 22, 2016
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