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Matthew Costa takes his style cues from outside the safety zone (read hazardous) for his new line of sunglasses. Entitled Costalots, he cleverly repurposes industry-standard safety specs, replacing the lenses originally designed to shield your eyeballs from say, the flicker of a Bunsen burner, with a softer, Laverne & Shirley tinted perspective. "I like the idea of not having to produce things from scratch," says the NYC-based designer who stumbled upon his prototype in a vintage store in Wilmington, NC. "That small glimpse of any given thing--like how would it look if I just changed this one thing--that's attractive to me."



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Title Annotation:Matthew Costa new line of sunglasses
Author:Nnadi, Chioma
Publication:The Fader
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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