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Cost-effective discs.

For those seeking to produce cost-effective DVDs and CDs, Disc Makers has launched the Disc Makers Medley, a disc duplicator and printer designed for a range of uses requiring DVD or CD duplication and on-disc printing. It automates ripping of audio CDs by integrating with iTunes and Windows Media Player. The system includes a one-year parts/labor warranty and one year of free tech support. It's priced at $1,799.

Also new: ReflexBlu2 ($2,999) and ReflexBlu4 ($4,999), which give users the ability to create, edit, and duplicate customized Blu-Ray discs (BD-Rs), DVD-Rs, and CD-Rs all in one piece of equipment. The ReflexBLu2 can duplicate two BD-Rs per hour, four DVDRs per hour, and seven CD-Rs per hour. The RefLexBtu4 can handle four BD-Rs per hour, eight DVD-Rs per hour, and 14 CD-Rs per hour. Each unit includes a disc creation software suite. Visit

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Title Annotation:WHAT'S NEW: Looking for higher-education technology products and services? Start here.
Author:Herrmann, Michele
Publication:University Business
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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