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THE FIXED ASSET LIFE CYCLE CHALLENGE: A collaboration between operations and accounting at Dublin Airport resulted in the optimization of life cycle costs of fixed assets. Bumblauskas, Dan; Igou, Amy; Bumblauskas, Paul; Vaske, Ben; Hahn, Kayla Business case study May 1, 2021 3095
USE OF FACTORS IN DEVELOPMENT ESTIMATES: IMPROVING THE COST ANALYST TOOLKIT. Markman, Matthew R.; Ritschel, Jonathan D.; White, Edward D. Report Jan 1, 2021 8197
Showdown Looms on Cost Accounting Standards. Hutt, Peter, Ii; Terenzio, Peter Oct 1, 2020 864
STANDARD COSTING AND ABC: A COEXISTENCE: Standard costing and ABC, when strategically implemented in tandem, can improve accuracy and create financial value. Paul, Douglas D.; Cokins, Gary May 1, 2020 4074
CREATING A LEAN ENVIRONMENT: Combining Lean manufacturing with simplified and strategic accounting, value-stream costing, and visual reporting is the key to Lean success. Davis, Phebian; Schleifer, Lydia; Shackell, Margaret; Widener, Sally K. Jan 1, 2020 2979
FACTON Holds First-Ever Cost Smarter - the European Conference for Enterprise Product Costing. Conference news Oct 3, 2019 599
NPO jointly organizes 'Training of Trainers in Material Flow Cost Accounting'. Sep 3, 2019 454
NPO jointly organizes "Training of Trainers in Material Flow Cost Accounting". Sep 3, 2019 395
The cost of deferred revenue. Torosyan, Andy A.; Razani, Rob Jul 1, 2019 4085
Medical marijuana dispensary is denied increases to its COGS: The taxpayer, as a reseller, could not include indirect inventory costs in its cost of goods sold. Reichert, Charles J. Mar 1, 2019 720
The Payoff of Early Exams. O'Laughlin, Daniel Column Apr 1, 2018 554
Infor Healthcare Simplifies Cost Accounting and Cost Analytics in the Cloud. Feb 13, 2018 485
Adoption of Activity-Based Costing: A Survey of the Education Sector of Greece. Sorros, John; Karagiorgos, Alkiviadis; Mpelesis, Nikos Report Aug 1, 2017 5176
Cost Calculations for Building Energy Systems. Schwarz, Michael H. Report Aug 1, 2017 6857
Methodological considerations on the process of determining the target cost. Daneci-Patrau, Daniel; Coca, Carmen Elena Report Jun 1, 2017 3297
Using Excel 2013 for regression-based cost estimation: Part 2. Stout, David E.; Schwartz, Jeremy T. Jan 1, 2017 9368
Adoption of an activity based costing model in an Indian steel plant. Dwivedi, Rishi; Chakraborty, Shankar Report Dec 1, 2016 6386
Leaning away from standard costing: Lean companies need value stream costing and new performance metrics. Bargerstock, Andrew; Shi, Ye Jun 1, 2016 2867
Bob Cortese, CPA, CGMA Canadian Controller CTS Corp. Cortese, Bob Feb 1, 2016 1719
Costing governmental services in a reformed environment: unreachable goal or unfinished business? Gosselin, Maurice; Henri, Jean-Francois; Laurin, Claude Report Sep 1, 2015 8213
TEI comments on BEPS Action 8: CCAs. Sep 1, 2015 3823
A new approach factor- entropy with application to business costs of SMEs in Shanghai. Yan, Guo; Ming-Gui, Sun Report Jul 1, 2015 7216
Lifting the weight of a diagnosis-related groups family change: a comparison between refined and non-refined DRG systems for top-down cost accounting and efficiency indicators. Zlotnik, Alexander; Alfaro, Miguel Cuchi; Perez, Maria Carmen Perez Report Jun 1, 2015 5500
SECP extends applicability of Cost Accounting Records Order 2012. Jan 23, 2015 234
Recognising the effects of costing assumptions in educational business simulation games. Eckardt, Gordon; Selen, Willem; Wynder, Monte Report Jan 1, 2015 8727
How NFPs should allocate joint costs: consistent application leads to fair depictions in financials. Cruitt, Joseph W. Oct 1, 2014 2817
2014 Journyx Customer Survey Results Show Cost Accounting Top Use of Journyx Data. Sep 24, 2014 449
Success-based fees and milestone payments. Nevius, Alistair M. Sep 1, 2014 514
Current methodology of tariff cost accounting in Kyrgyzstan is behind the times -- expert. Nov 1, 2013 240
You should have seen that volume variance coming! Snead, Kenneth; Stott, David; Garcia, Andy Author abstract Sep 22, 2013 4491
Supply of an integrated computer software for accounting including inventory control, personnel, cost accounting & human resources. Sep 9, 2013 123
Product costing program for wood component manufacturers. Andersch, Adrienn; Buehlmann, Urs; Palmer, Jeff; Wiedenbeck, Janice K.; Lawser, Steve Abstract Jul 1, 2013 5872
Fundamentals of management accounting: when you're applying process costing, it's important to take note of the manufacturing method used. In scenarios where ingredients are mixed up together, the concept of normal and abnormal loss comes into play. Steven, Grahame Jul 1, 2013 1519
Performance operations: the key to splitting a total variance into its planning and operational components--a crucial Pt skill--is to find the planning variance first and then base your operational calculation on the revised standard. Janes, Ian May 1, 2013 1774
Meco sues El Salvador. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 162
A participatory food costing model in Nova Scotia. Williams, Patricia; Amero, Michelle; Anderson, Barbara; Gillis, Doris; Green-Lapierre, Rebecca; John Report Dec 22, 2012 4535
Simulation-based environmental cost analysis for work-in-process. Zhao, R. Report Dec 1, 2012 5383
Temporary regulations create new applications for cost-segregation studies. Wheeler, Josh N. Sep 1, 2012 1400
Product costing at fine foods: is it a symptom or the problem? Axelsson, David; Fogelkvist, Marcus; Cunningham, Gary M. Aug 1, 2012 3227
Tax court disallows cost segregation of apartment building components. Jul 1, 2012 332
Enhancing cost realism through risk-driven contracting: designing incentive fees based on probabilistic cost estimates. Dorey, Sean P.; Oehmen, Josef; Valerdi, Ricardo Report Apr 1, 2012 5914
Side effects of cost segregation: tax advisers need to tally the pros and cons. Maples, Larry; Hayes, Robert D. Apr 1, 2012 2998
A proposal to emphasize managerial cost accounting the Department of Defense: the Department of Defense faces fiscal challenges as never before. This author makes a case for instituting a business tool for managing the costs of internal processes. Hanks, Christopher H. Mar 22, 2012 5735
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan holds conference on cost accounting. Conference notes Feb 8, 2012 216
Management accounting practices in the gulf cooperative countries. McLellan, John D.; Moustafa, Essam Dec 22, 2011 5712
Estimation of the traffic accidents costs in Serbia by using dominant costs model. Antic, Boris; Vujanic, Milan; Lipovac, Krsto; Pesic, Dalibor Report Dec 1, 2011 5594
Comparative building costs: county buildings. Statistical data Dec 1, 2011 466
Sanitation felling and helicopter harvesting of bark beetle-infested trees in alpine forests: an assessment of the economic costs. Faccoli, Massimo; Finozzi, Valerio; Gatto, Paola Nov 1, 2011 5606
Exploring the role of standard costing in lean manufacturing enterprises: a structuration theory approach. Rao, Manjunath H.S.; Bargerstock, Andrew Sep 22, 2011 6302
Cost growth in major defense acquisition: is there a problem? Is there a solution? O'Neil, William D. Report Jul 1, 2011 5593
When a higher price pays off. Lockhart, Julie; Taylor, Audrey; Thomas, Karl; Levetsovitis, Brenda; Wise, Jason Cover story Jan 1, 2011 3604
Determination of inspection point based on process costing methodology. Teeravaraprug, Jirarat Jan 1, 2011 1690
An order level EOQ model for deteriorating items in a single warehouse system with price depended demand in non-linear (quadratic) form. Patra, Soumendra Kumar; Lenka, Tapan Kumar; Ratha, Purna Chandra Report May 1, 2010 4145
Cost center practices in Germany and the United States: impact of country differences on managerial accounting practices. Portz, Kris; Lere, John C. Mar 22, 2010 5269
Is standard costing still relevant? Evidence from Dubai. Marie, Attiea; Rao, Ananth; Cheffi, Walid; Louis, Rosmy Jean Jan 1, 2010 4870
Pre-milestone a cost analysis: progress, challenges, and change. Roper, Martha "Marti" A. Essay Jan 1, 2010 2512
20th century publications on cost accounting by Spanish authors previous to the Standardization Act (1900-1978). Diaz, Daniel Carrasco; Hernandez-Esteve, Esteban; Caparros, Maria Jesus Morales; Toledano, Daniel Sa Report Dec 1, 2009 21219
Using technology to teach joint product costing. Daniels, Roger B.; McKee, A. James Sep 22, 2009 2820
The great standby rate debate: analysis of a key barrier to the influx of needed new alternative energy sources. Hurd, John V. Sep 22, 2009 10055
Some good news, some bad: proposed changes on contract closeout & incurred cost submissions. Tysinger, Glenda Sep 11, 2009 685
Monitoring expenses: many factors weigh on total costs spent. Donhauser, Ken; Donhauser, Kenneth R. Aug 1, 2009 1053
Reciprocal estimation of the raw material cost of producing hardwood lumber using the principles of activity-based costing. Rappold, Patrick M.; Kline, D. Earl; Bond, Brian H.; Wiedenbeck, Janice K. Case study Jul 1, 2009 5178
The ABC Simulator: a new approach to teaching traditional topics. McKee, A. James; Lantz, Keith Jun 22, 2009 1597
Proposed cost sharing regulations. Ugai, Brian C. May 1, 2009 15545
Accounting for expenses; A risk-prone area. Martin, Jim Jan 1, 2009 4061
How do German companies run their cost accounting systems? Cost accounting systems in German companies provide a high level of detail for managers, focus on cost centers and cost center accounting, and separate costs into fixed and variable components for easy analysis of profits. Friedl, Gunther; Hammer, Carola; Pedell, Burkhard; Kupper, Hans-Ulrich Jan 1, 2009 4935
Homesteads must be run efficiently: cost accounting is the key to tell how you're doing. Belanger, Jerry Nov 1, 2008 2921
A closer look at German cost accounting methods: a survey of the cost management systems used by companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria shows that use of Grenzplankostenrechnung (GPK) works best when combined with a strong, highly integrated information system and used with other complementary costing practices. Krumwiede, Kip; Suessmair, Augustin Survey Sep 22, 2008 8237
Factory finance manager: Adam Lunney explains the development opportunities provided by this fast-moving role on the "front line". Lunney, Adam Sep 1, 2008 443
Why historical cost accounting makes sense. Krumwiede, Tim Aug 1, 2008 3851
The redesign and implementation of a cost accounting system for America Latina Logistica: a rail cargo transportation company operating in Brazil and Argentina implements a new cost accounting system. The results provide managers with a powerful, reliable source of information for better evaluating the needs of their business units. de Modesti, Marco Antonio; Eriksen, Scott Jun 22, 2008 4349
Efficiency and Equity in School Funding: A case Study for Kansas. Chakraborty, Kalyan; Poggio, John Report May 1, 2008 6813
Lean accounting: Ross Maynard explains how lean accounting principles could help you to revolutionise standard costing by improving the "flow" in your organisation. Maynard, Ross Mar 1, 2008 2363
Management accounting-performance evaluation: Ian Herbert considers the effects of increased investments in capital equipment and lower direct labour content on standard costing. Herbert, Ian Mar 1, 2008 1749
If the price is right: realistic pricing is the key to harmonious relationships between supplier and client. Cunningham, Justin Feb 27, 2008 814
Management accounting research for the C-suite: consider findings from cutting-edge research to take your company to the next level. Bolt-Lee, Cynthia Nov 1, 2007 2355
Special issue: fair value in financial reporting, auditing, and tax accounting. Casabona, Patrick A.; Gornik-Tomaszewski, Sylwia Oct 1, 2007 2132
Early cost accounting practices and private ownership: the silk factory company of Portugal, 1745-1747. Carvalho, Jose Matos; Rodrigues, Lucia Lima; Craig, Russell Jun 1, 2007 12769
Energizing cost accounting: Marine Corps financial managers conduct a thorough analysis of cost accounting processes in order to create accurate, reliable, and relevant financial information. Chadwick, John M. Jan 1, 2007 1875
Improving the cost accounting advantage: often poorly understood by undergraduate students, traditional cost accounting is still a valuable and much needed tool. The challenge for academics is to make it engaging. Giguere, Pierre Apr 1, 2006 1627
The service company advantage: why service companies can perform better cost reporting and cost accounting than manufacturing companies. Vercio, Alan; Pierce, Brianna DeMarco Apr 1, 2006 2004
Three-questions accounting: this proposed new name for Throughput Accounting shows that we have to answer three important questions to see if a decision is good for a company. Corbett, Thomas Apr 1, 2006 3675
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Departments of Education, Transportation, and the Treasury. Feb 1, 2006 630
Management accounting--decision management: Tim Thompson presents a sample self-test question that explains what process costing does--and does not--tell us when it comes to evaluating joint products. Thompson, Tim Feb 1, 2006 3280
Cost & cost accounting standards. Kuhn, Karl W. Jan 1, 2006 679
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Leadership and Internal Controls Are Key to Successful Implementation. Jan 1, 2006 472
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs. Jan 1, 2006 561
Management accounting--performance evaluation: analysing cost variances is no easy task, because a single variance may contain four different elements. Falconer Mitchell offers his guide to interpreting them. Mitchell, Falconer Oct 1, 2005 1882
The best of both worlds: a combination of cost segregation and like-kind exchanges can save on real estate taxes. Foster, Mary B. Aug 1, 2005 2564
When you suspect fraud: who a smart business owner calls to conduct an investigation. Wells, Joseph T. Jun 1, 2005 1629
Are new customers really more expensive? Coffey, John J.; Palm, Gene Apr 1, 2005 561
Cost management by customer choice: a case study demonstrates how activity information can be used to better determine customer strategy and enhance profits. Peacock, Eileen Mar 22, 2005 5019
The financial impact of resource-based relative value scale on us-based community health centers. Eide, Barbara J. Jan 1, 2005 4484
Public interest comparison of cost-recovery vs cost-of-reproduction digital parcel map database pricing policy. Kindleberger, Charles Lecture Jan 1, 2005 1614
8 Making connections: how to market, sell to, and serve the traveling public. Jan 1, 2005 6983
Reading between the numbers: cost accounting can hide competitive advantages, biasing operations decisions toward outsourcing. Paris, Michael; Brassard, Dan Dec 1, 2004 2629
Managed care 'backlash' seen easing up. Brady, Matt Nov 15, 2004 734
RCA at Clopay: here's innovation in management accounting with Resource Consumption Accounting. Clinton, B. Douglas; Webber, Sally A. Cover Story Oct 1, 2004 3100
IMA launches "New Costing" e-mail exchange. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 284
Customized multimedia software for teaching managerial accounting: the author discusses software he developed to teach undergraduate managerial and cost accounting, and he offers it free to instructors. McKee, A. James Sep 22, 2004 4959
Why you should be interested in cost accounting. Coffey, John J.; Palm, Gene Sep 1, 2004 455
As easy as CBA? Cleland, Keith Sep 1, 2004 3414
Costing and pricing 101. Bayless, Maggie Aug 1, 2004 1279
DOD, GSA, and NASA issue proposed rule to amend FAR regarding cost principal for gains and losses. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 179
A flight path to precision? How the Commissioner of Competition's case against Air Canada offers insights into the definition of some important cost accounting terms. Atkinson, Anthony A.; Kennedy, Glenn May 1, 2004 3564
Federal Circuit clarifies the total cost method of proving damages. Neill, Robert Apr 1, 2004 2625
0 introduction: marginal costing as a management accounting tool. Offenbacker, Stephen Jan 1, 2004 15948
Bring on German cost accounting: U.S. companies should take a look at the ways their international counterparts successfully measure and manage organization performance in order to resolve limitations in North American practices. Sharman, Paul A. Dec 1, 2003 5328
Fight the flight to China with lean math. (CEO Journal). Marcus, Dan Jun 1, 2003 725
Global Electronics, Inc.: ABC implementation and the change management process. Brewer, Peter C.; Juras, Paul E.; Brownlee, E. Richard II Feb 1, 2003 9750
Best practices in target costing. Swenson, Dan; Ansari, Shahid; Bell, Jan; Kim, Il-Woon Jan 1, 2003 3456
Chapter 14 Costing the training program. Professional standards Jan 1, 2003 1826
Cost segregation studies. Welker, Curt J. Nov 1, 2002 3415
Gaining effective organizational control with RCA. (Cost Management). Keys, David E.; Merwe, Anton Van Der Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 3122
The next word in cost reduction. (On the Horizon). Kaas, Hans-Werner; Ohl, Stefan Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 246
Selling activity-based costing. (The CPA in Industry). Lere, John C. Mar 1, 2002 1590
Chapter 18 The financial and cost accounting processes. Jan 1, 2002 4356
More Complex, More Robust: Activity-based costing systems are harnessing the internet and adding new functionality, giving companies more horsepower than ever. (Activity-based Costing). Marshall, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2002 992
Defense Working Capital Fund: In the simplest of terms, the DWCF was established to allow the federal government purchase and repair activities to account for costs and revenue as if it were a commercial business. (Supply and Maintenance Focus). Taylor, June Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 5707
Cost segregation study can lead to tax savings. (Insiders Outlook). Tipograph, Neil H. Dec 19, 2001 647
Over-trading and out. Brown, Mike Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 895
Retail product-line pricing strategy when costs and products change. Shugan, Steven M.; Desiraju, Ramarao Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 11726
In Transition? MATEER, RODNEY W.; NEIL, GARY N. Mar 1, 2001 2921
IFAC issues bank audit ED and cost accounting study. Jan 1, 2001 191
Guidance provided to government accountants. Jan 1, 2001 149
Good Ideas That Don't Work. Hubbard, Andrew Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 636
Cost knowledge and cost-based judgment performance. Dearman, David T.; Shields, Michael D. Jan 1, 2001 8934
NCMA Hosts Public Meetings on Cost Accounting Standards Streamlining Review. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 603
Controlling the Cost of Risk in State and Local Governments. Spain, Catherine L. Industry Overview Oct 1, 2000 1939
Technology for Activity-Based Costing. Vieceli, Jeffery Apr 1, 2000 1439
Who's taking whom: some comments and evidence on the constitutionality of TELRIC. Gabel, David; Rosenbaum, David I. Mar 1, 2000 14373
Toward Diversified Cost Accounting Systems. Timian, Karen A.; K. Fleming, Mary M. Feb 1, 2000 4974
The Cost of System Congestion: Evidence from the Healthcare Sector. Balakrishnan, Ramji; Soderstrom, Naomi S. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 9256
Forest Hill Paper Company. ALBRIGHT, THOMAS L. Dec 1, 1999 1826
Making Better Decisions. Corbett, Thomas Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 4459
Activity-based Cost Management System Architecture - Part I. Oct 1, 1999 1074
Target costing can boost your bottom line. Boer, Germain; Ettlie, John Jul 1, 1999 1644
Controlling the cost of plastic. Mersereau, Alexander Jul 1, 1999 3087
Intelligent cost system design. Cooper, Robin; Slagmulder, Regine Jun 1, 1999 1727
Accounting for software development costs. Munter, Paul Feb 1, 1999 3558
Activity based management and performance measurement systems. Gearhart, Jon Feb 1, 1999 2739
Applying full-cost accounting to solid-waste management operations. Gauthier, Stephen J. Aug 1, 1998 3564
Impact your bottom line with a computer-based economic model. Hajduk, Tim R. May 1, 1998 3561
Cost accounting for long-term care facilities. Horan, Daniel Oct 1, 1997 1290
Implementing information technology innovations: the activity-based costing example. Krumwiede, Kip R.; Roth, Harold P. Sep 22, 1997 5670
New rules for fed contractors. Brief Article Sep 1, 1997 245
Assessing contributors to cost of care in nursing homes. Hicks, Lanis L.; Rantz, Marilyn J.; Petroski, Gregory F.; Madsen, Richard W.; Conn, Vicki S.; Mehr, Jul 1, 1997 5005
Determining the cost of care through clinical pathways. Gardner, Kathryn; Allhusen, John; Kamm, James; Tobin, James Jul 1, 1997 2533
Activity-based costing really works for custom molders. Hicks, Douglas T. Jul 1, 1997 2313
Proposal to expense start-up costs. Noll, Daniel J. Jun 1, 1997 551
AcSEC becomes strict on fundraising. Brief Article May 1, 1997 308
New role for NPO CPAs. Brief Article May 1, 1997 387
Synergy from A to Z, ABC to ZBB. Barkman, Arnold Mar 22, 1997 6000
The tax benefits of ABC. Marshall, Ronald M. Mar 1, 1997 2105
PC software buyer's guide. Ogando, Joseph Buyers Guide Feb 1, 1997 740
Squeeze play. Cooper, Robin Jan 1, 1997 1907
CASB issues three proposals, selects CPA as new board member. Brief Article Dec 1, 1996 386
Will nuclear power pay for itself? Paine, Jeffrey R. Oct 1, 1996 6095
The nuances of benchmarking. Simmons, Linda C. Jul 1, 1996 1738
GASB proposes change from cost-based accounting. Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 447
Implementing activity-based costing. Compton, Ted R. Mar 1, 1996 4455
Activity-based approach to justification of advanced factory management systems. Chen, F. Frank Feb 1, 1996 4487
Cost Accounting in Higher Education. Simplified Macro- and Micro-Costing Techniques. Jenny, Hans H. Report Jan 1, 1996 259
Full cost accounting. Michaels, Abraham Nov 1, 1995 1119
Implementation considerations for activity-based cost systems in service firms: the unavoidable challenge. Kock, Soren Nov 1, 1995 5489
New guidance in accounting for corporate restructuring: EITF 94-3. Daniels, Roger B.; Rouse, Robert W.; Weirich, Thomas Jun 1, 1995 3624
UNICAP update and review. Goldman, Larry; Morris, Ed May 1, 1995 2379
Costing training activity: a decision maker's dilemma. Wright, Phillip C.; Belcourt, Monica Mar 1, 1995 6419
Estimating annual charges for ambulatory care from limited utilization data. Saver, Barry G.; Wagner, Edward H. Feb 1, 1995 6110
Cost accounting systems need improvement. Brief Article Sep 1, 1994 205
Mark to market: the U.K. experience. Lee, Tom Sep 1, 1994 1811
Get a handle on manufacturing costs with 'activity-based costing.' Ogando, Joseph Aug 1, 1994 1127
More companies turn to ABC. Brief Article Jul 1, 1994 108
Costing government services: benchmarks for making the privatization decision. Rose, Pete Jun 1, 1994 3255
IRS continues challenge of the components-of-cost LIFO method. Conjura, Carol Jun 1, 1994 1517
Activity-based costing for the total business. Ruhl, Jack M.; Bailey, Trina A. Feb 1, 1994 3559
The ABCs of profitability. Haedicke, Jack Jan 1, 1994 2011
The problem of appraising specialized assets. Crawford, Robert G.; Cornia, Gary C. Jan 1, 1994 6015
A profitable management tool. Isaac, Sam Nov 1, 1993 2647
Benchmark report: technical support cost ratios. Sep 21, 1993 2705
Search for better numbers continues. Singhvi, Suren S. Sep 1, 1993 2308
CAS applicability, coverage and disclosure. Sourwine, Darrel A. Aug 1, 1993 2166
A standard for cost accounting. Winicur, Barbara Jul 1, 1993 1379
Activity-based costing adds up to big benefits. Auguston, Karen A. Interview Jun 1, 1993 1775
Seeking better industry data. Isaac, Sam Column Jun 1, 1993 894
Using activity-based costing for efficiency and quality. Anderson, Bridget M. Jun 1, 1993 2026
Job order costing. Winicur, Barbara Column May 1, 1993 1281
The power to compete: the new math of precision management. Metzger, Lawrence M. Cover Story May 1, 1993 2738
Cost accounting essentials. Winicur, Barbara Apr 1, 1993 1195
Private fleet use: a transaction cost model. Maltz, Arnold Mar 22, 1993 4144
Estimating lab construction costs. Feb 1, 1993 457
As easy as ABC: using activity based costing in service industries. Pirrong, Gordon D. Feb 1, 1993 2225
Reasonable joint cost allocations in nonprofits. Tishlias, Dennis P. Nov 1, 1992 2093
MACRS depreciation for property placed in service in short tax years. Odzer, Joseph A. Oct 1, 1992 2167
Activity base costing for manufacturers. Flesher, Dale L. Oct 1, 1992 2319
So you want to lower costs? Schmenner, Roger W. Jul 1, 1992 3515
Management's stake in improved decision making with activity-based costing. Barnes, Frank C. Jun 22, 1992 4747
Market value accounting may cure banking net worth distortions. Mondschean, Thomas H. Jun 1, 1992 2794
Cost concepts. Schwartz, Marlyn A. May 1, 1992 990
Activity based costing for defense contractors. Musso, Francis J. May 1, 1992 2131
Market-value or historical cost accounting. Panel Discussion Apr 1, 1992 2363
SEC Market Value Conference: experts urge mark-to-market. Miller, Stephen H. Jan 1, 1992 1507
Year-end clients and their problems. Schwartz, Marlyn A. Column Jan 1, 1992 706
Accountants as business strategists. Shim, Jae K. Column Nov 1, 1991 2175
On apportioning costs to customers in centralized continuous review inventory systems. Gerchak, Yigal; Gupta, Diwakar Oct 1, 1991 3664
At last, a guide to cost accounting in the lab. Jahn, Mike May 1, 1991 872
Historical cost accounting - are changes needed? Powers, Ollie S. May 1, 1991 1177
Accounting for the costs of package designs. Schwarz, Melbert E. Mar 1, 1991 3643
Peter Drucker talks manufacturing in 1999. Drucker, Peter F. Feb 1, 1991 3018
Updating standard cost systems; making them better tools for today's manufacturing environment. Cheatham, Carole Dec 1, 1990 1782
Users wield pc-based billback tool. Gitlin, Bob Nov 1, 1990 915
Caller codes cut cost. Nov 1, 1990 406
So your clients think they're successful. Bitner, Larry N.; Powell, Judith D. Nov 1, 1990 1974
Handing down decisions on legal expenses. Carroll, Hal O. Nov 1, 1990 2218
Advising the small business client. Schwartz, Marlyn A. column Oct 1, 1990 579
Improving production with process value analysis; the foundation for activity based costing. Beischel, Mark E. Sep 1, 1990 2194
Contribution margin accounting for small business. Walker, John P.; Gudort, Cheryl A.; Talbott, John C. Sep 1, 1990 1908
Leveraged leasing. Roy, Ashook column Aug 1, 1990 1214
The art of small-scale manufacturing. Jul 16, 1990 747
Let your switch do the routing. Tanzillo, Kevin column Jul 1, 1990 482
The ABCs of allocating inventory cost. Colley, J. Ron; Segal, Mark A.; Volkan, Ara G. Jul 1, 1990 1672
Consumer expenditures on travel, 1980-87. Paulin, Geoffrey Jun 1, 1990 3224
Improving performance with cost drivers. Werner, Michael L. Jun 1, 1990 1316
Audit software eliminates unnecessary charges. Graff, Corlet May 1, 1990 2074
The bottom line; victim of cost accounting. Emig, James M.; Mazeffa, Matthew Apr 1, 1990 3018
Employment cost index rebased to June 1989. Schwenk, Albert E. column Apr 1, 1990 1237
Computer integrated manufacturing: a new look at cost justifications. Polakoff, Joel C. Mar 1, 1990 2638
Measure costs right: making the right decision. Cooper, Robin; Kaplan, Robert S. Feb 1, 1990 3713
Reporting the effects of excess inventories. Cheatham, Carole Nov 1, 1989 1964
Predicting hospital accounting costs. Newhouse, Joseph P.; Cretin, Shan; Witsberger, Christina J. Sep 22, 1989 5552
Misused product costing in the American railroad industry: Southern Pacific passenger service between the wars. Thompson, Gregory L. Sep 22, 1989 16209
How regulatory ambiguity frustrates defense contractors. Hoshower, Leon B. Sep 1, 1989 2478
Comments on proper treatment of package design costs, June 20, 1989. Jul 1, 1989 1133
Do yourself a favor. Sigen, Wayne Jun 22, 1989 1989
A new way to determine test cost per instrument. Travers, Eleanor M.; Krochmal, Charles F. Nov 1, 1988 1411
A new way to determine test cost per instrument. Travers, Eleanor M.; Krochmal, Charles F. Oct 1, 1988 2688
Financial management is more than monitoring a budget! Barros, Annamarie Mar 1, 1988 2162
Management applications of workload recording. Aller, Raymond D. Jun 1, 1987 1315
Cost estimators: planning the budget. Bluford, Verada Mar 22, 1987 1823
Improved deflation of purchases of computers. Cartwright, David W. Mar 1, 1986 2346
A viable DRG path for small hospital laboratories. Connors, Dean M. Jan 1, 1986 977
A cost accounting system targeted to DGRs. Sharp, James W. Sep 1, 1985 2340
Trimming the fat from the budget; this blood bank achieved surprising savings by adhering to a new fiscal regimen: the DRG diet, exercise, and checkup plan. Martin, Deborah N. May 1, 1985 1224
Lab budgeting and cost accounting under DRGs. Cannon, W. Glenn Feb 1, 1985 1245
Least-Cost Routing Programs Pick the Route to Substantial Savings. Jan 1, 1985 1274
Guidelines for laboratory administration - Part III. Bender, James L. Aug 1, 1984 2110

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