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Articles from Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy (January 1, 2014)

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Title Author Type Words
Acausality and the Machian mind. Jameson, John W. 7523
Beyond the stalemate: conscious mind--body--quantum mechanics--free will--possible panpsychism--possible interpretation of quantum enigma. Kauffman, Stuart Column 8733
Complexity biology-based information structures can explain subjectivity, objective reduction of wave packets, and non-computability. Hankey, Alex 5139
Consciousness began with a hunter's plan. Freeman, Walter J. 3076
Dream things true nonviolent movements as applied consciousness. DuVall, Jack 5040
Evidence of macroscopic quantum phenomena and conscious reality selection. Larson, Cynthia Sue 4691
Force of consciousness in mass charge interactions. Baer, Wolfgang Report 5075
Giving naturalism a chance: interactivism, emergence, and nonlinearity. Campbell, Robert L. Report 4308
Information, physics and the representing mind. Laskey, Kathryn Blackmond 3021
Introduction by conference chair. Nuallain, Sean O. Conference notes 5531
Is the universe a vast, consciousness-created virtual reality simulation? Haisch, Bernard Report 5202
Mapping the whole in everyone an essay on: non-existence as the engine and axis of existence. Andrews, Sperry; Salka, Steven Essay 5576
Mind, brain, and neuroscience. Stapp, Henry P. Column 1563
Mind/body/spirit complex in quantum mechanics. Riddle, Justin M. Report 4984
Nothingness and science (a propaedeutic). Cifone, M. 11316
Reductionism and practicality. Smith, Kevin; Vul, Edward Report 2788
Relating language to other cognitive systems--an abridged account. Talmy, Leonard 5160
Symbolic and cognitive theory in biology. Nuallain, Sean O. Report 10582
Why Tononi is wrong; epileptic seizure is more complex either than sleep or the resting state. Nuallain, Sean O.; Doris, Tom Report 939

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