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Cosmetic surgery gains in popularity.

Consumers are spending more than ever on being nipped, tucked and pumped with Botox, according to a report out today. The booming cosmetic surgery market is set to break the pounds 1bn mark next year, market analysts Mintel predict. Botox, collagen wrinkle fillers and other non-invasive treatments have seen the biggest popularity increase.

Laser hair removal, chemical peels and teeth whitening are also part of the non-surgical treatments category.

A total of 577,000 cosmetic operations and treatments were carried out in Britain this year, of which 472,000 were non-surgical.

The total cosmetic surgery market is now worth just over pounds 900m - more than double the pounds 430m spent in 2005.

Non-invasive treatments such as Botox and collagen fillers have become much more popular because they are seen as less risky, the report adds.

Mintel senior cosmetics analyst Alexandra Richmond said, "Today, the British perception of beauty is based on airbrushed images of models and photos of surgically enhanced celebrities, both young and old.

"For many the natural look simply can't compete and leaves them feeling inadequate."

Surgical procedures still make up the bulk of spending on cosmetic treatments at pounds 604m this year compared to non-surgical at pounds 302m.

Facelifts and breast surgery are the two most popular surgical procedures.

Body re-shaping which includes liposuction, tummy tucks, arm reduction surgery and buttock lifts account for the rest of the surgery.

One in five facial surgery operations carried out in the past year were nose jobs. This is also the most popular surgical procedure with men, the report says.

Breast enlargements are the most popular type of surgery for women, with prices in this country ranging from pounds 3,400 to pounds 5,000.

Breast uplifts are increasingly carried out to redress the effects of breast-feeding and pregnancy on women's shape, the report says.

Botox is used to smooth forehead lines, eliminate crows' feet and other facial lines.

It is the most popular type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

A new approach dubbed "baby Botox" uses smaller doses to achieve a more natural look and avoid a frozen facial appearance, the report says.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 19, 2007
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