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Cosmetic preferences vary by region.

* Did you know that Hawaii is the only state to prefer red lipstick above all other shades? In honor of its sponsorship of this year's Country Music Association Awards (CMAs), Mary Kay Cosmetics established Cosmetics of the Country, a study that investigated cosmetic preferences of U.S. women. Data collected from more than 700,000 Mary Kay independent beauty consultants have shown that in many areas of the U.S., trends and habits counter existing stereotypes about beauty in certain parts of the country. Mary Kay's data indicates that: blush is still favored over bronzer, powder shadow is the clear favorite over cream and volumizing mascara beats out both lengthening and waterproof mascaras in every state. Lip products are the only makeup genre in which new delivery methods are preferred over the traditional. Mary Kay's data shows that surprisingly, throughout the country, lipgloss is universally more popular than the tried-and-true lipstick formula.


The study also reveals that beauty styles in U.S. cities are each distinct to their region. More info:

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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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