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Cosmetic nail covering.

* US Patent No. 8,820,332 B2; Maria A. Barile of Willowick, OH, has patented a method for cosmetically disguising an unattractive finger or toe nail area of a negatively affected hand or foot by using a temporary, cosmetically appealing covering. It entails the following steps: providing a cosmetic nail covering that will simulate the appearance of a nearby normal nail when applied to cover the nail area of the affected digit and both the cosmetic nail covering and the nearby normal nails are coated by a user with identical user-supplied nail polish. The cosmetic nail covering is constructed from a strip of adhesive tape material suitable for wrapping around a digit and a pad of material that is sized and shaped to resemble a normal nail for the affected digit. The pad has a cuticle edge curved shape that is appropriate for a nail on the nail area of the affected digit.

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Title Annotation:Patent Review
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Nov 1, 2014
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