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Cosco's safety walker.

Parents with infants always are warned to supervise their children's play in walkers to avoid accidents. Now a special walker from Cosco, Inc., based in Columbus, can help prevent those accidents.

Cosco's Surestep Walker/Jumper is equipped with a patented Floor Sensor Base that detects stairs or uneven surfaces. Whenever one of six casters on three sets of pivoting arms crosses the edge of a stair, the base's rubber grips drop to the floor, stopping the child in his tracks.

Every Cosco product is made in Indiana except for its strollers and Teddy Care lamps. Its plant in Columbus, employing 1,000, is self-contained. All metal tubing and molded plastics are produced on site.

Originally called the Columbus Specialty Company, Cosco was founded in 1935 by the B.F. Hamilton family. Its first product was a metal match dispenser, an invention that was mothered by necessity. Hamilton loved his cigars, but didn't care where his matches landed. His wife did, so to appease her and restore peace to the household, he designed the dispenser.

Cosco produced tin ware for a few years before it developed its signature product, the metal step cool.

Cosco's juvenile division evolved when a high-chair design was developed from the step stool. The juvenile division also makes automated swings, car seats, cribs and ohter children's furniture.
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Title Annotation:Made in Indiana
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Date:Oct 1, 1988
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