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Dolores Burton and John Kappenberg's THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO RTI: AN IMPLEMENTATION TOOLKIT (9781412997096, $36.95) offers innovative ways to use RTI to inform instruction and guide curriculum development in inclusive classrooms. Here are strategies and checklists honed from real-world applications and development, pairing a description of RTI's standards and evolution with a leadership guide for its administration and applications. Chapters address the special needs of RTI efforts and are supported by online links to video, audio and print media. Any teacher interested in literacy instruction support will find this packed with considerations of RTI implementation methods. Nancy Fichtman Dana, Carol Thomas and Sylvia Boynton's INQUIRY: A DISTRICTWIDE APPROACH TO STAFF AND STUDENT LEARNING (9781412992473, $31.95) provides a guide to help districts define, develop and implement an inquiry-based process of both adult and student learning. Educators and students receive a guide to collecting and analyzing data, sharing learning, and collaborating to build on results. The process is outlined in a fine survey of all the people involved in the learning process, following the development of a professional learning community and how an inquiry-oriented PLC is applied. Jane E. Pollock's FEEDBACK: THE HINGE THAT JOINS TEACHING & LEARNING (9781412997430, $19.95) expands on the best-selling CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION THAT WORKS to discuss feedback strategy and how to apply it to set goals and help kids learn. Chapters offer analysis of a no-cost technique that only involves a little adjustment in teaching strategy, offering an approach that works like an app and produces results. Classroom examples and success stories offer applied examples of feedback at work. Leslie Laud edits DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION IN LITERACY, MATH, & SCIENCE (9781452217338, $27.95), a fine addition to the 'Best of Corwin' series that showcases key chapters from acclaimed Corwin publications and gathers them under one cover by theme. This guide offers contributions by a range of authors as it discusses challenges of differentiated instruction in three areas, with chapters discussing response to intervention in math, practices for supporting students who are low achievers, implementing multi-tiered writing instructions, and much more. A fine pick for any discriminating teacher. Nancy E. Willard's CYBER SAVVY: EMBRACING DIGITAL SAFETY AND CIVILITY (9781412996211, $30.95) provides guidelines and strategies for teaching teens about Internet safety and culture and is a top pick for any seeking a better methodology for teaching the basics of cyber security and etiquette to young users. It reviews basic user decisions in the online environment and provides a fine basic key to teaching online safety, and is a pick for any teacher training collection. Robert T. Hess and Pam Robbins' THE DATA TOOLKIT: TEN TOOLS FOR SUPPORTING SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT (9781412992978, $28.95) offers details on using data for school improvement and provides strong correlations between data and application using ten easy tools that don't require statistical expertise. These are proven, field-tested methods to help educators engage in productive reflection and create a data-driven plan, and is written in a manner friendly to all educators. Basic instructions on using each tool are paired with sample applications and case studies to make this a fine recommendation for any educator's collection. Marc Prensky's FROM DIGITAL NATIVES TO DIGITAL WISDOM: HOPEFUL ESSAYS FOR 21ST CENTURY LEARNING (9781452230092, $36.95) provides new strategies for helping young learners acquire digital wisdom and allows educators to rethink the entire education and technology connection. New perspectives blend with field-tested ideas that examine how school experiences engage kids, and how to understand their online lives and connections. The author's first-person experiences as an educator directing these young 'digital natives' with the wisdom of an experienced educator makes this rich with examples pulled from classroom interactions.
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Title Annotation:'The Complete Guide to RTI: An Implementation Toolkit,' 'Inquiry: A Districtwide Approach to Staff and Student Learning,' 'Feedback: The Hinge that Joins Teaching and Learning,' 'Cyber Savvy: Embracing Digital Safety and Civility,' 'Differentiated Instruction in Literacy, Math, and Science,' 'From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom: Hopeful Essays for 21st Century Learning' and 'The Data Toolkit: Ten Tools for Supporting School Improvement'
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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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