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Maryln Applebaum's HOW TO HANDLE THE HARD-TO-HANDLE STUDENT, K-5 (9781412964395, $25.95) is packed with over 100 strategies for a range of behavioral challenges, teaching how to assess children's strengths and challenges, how to handle student and teacher emotions alike, and how to develop problem-solving skills. Susan E. Israel's VOCABULARY LISTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR THE PREK-2 CLASSROOM (9781412953511) surveys word lists, literature selections and teaching strategies for building young learner vocabulary and comprehension skills. From journal activities to read-aloud ideas, it's packed with plans. Clarissa Willis' CREATING INCLUSIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (9781412957199) offers a host of research-based techniques for helping kids thrive in early childhood settings, from targeted strategies and activities to building relationships with peers. Preschool and kindergarten teachers receive all the tools needed to work with a range of disabilities from autism and vision loss to sensory disorders. Shari Y. Ehly's THE LEARNING-CENTERED KINDERGARTEN: 10 KEYS TO SUCCESS FOR STANDARDS-BASED CLASSROOMS (9781412955478, $25.95) provides a new resource to show novice and experienced kindergarten teachers alike how to improve their practices. From implementing the 10 key strategies to lesson plans, forms, and more resources based on real-world success, this is a treasure trove of kindergarten insights educators will appreciate. Steve Breakstone, Michael Dreiblatt and Karen Dreiblatt's HOW TO STOP BULLYING AND SOCIAL AGGRESSION (9781412958110, $30.95) teaches elementary grades lessons and activities for reinforcing empathy and friendship. Teaches in grades K-6 as well as school administrators receive tips on interactive lessons and activities that support student safety, with details centering around issues of respect and fostering such behaviors. Lawrence A. Machi and Brenda T. McEvoy's THE LITERATURE REVIEW (9781412961356, $25.95) offers master's and doctoral-level students in education and social science a powerful guide to developing and writing a literature review for a research project or thesis. A six-step developmental model offers exercises, graphics, and charts. Lee Brattland Nielsen's BRIEF REFERENCE OF STUDENT DISABILITIE4S WITH STRATEGIES FOR THE CLASSROOM (9781412966337, $31.98) appears in a 2nd updated edition to provide educators with a desktop reference for specific disabilities and how they affect classroom setup, education choices, and classroom inclusiveness. Included here are ADHD and bipolar disorder, along with legal explanations, health information, web site references, and educational strategies. Frank Crowther works with Margaret Ferguson and Leonne Hann in DEVELOPING TEACHER LEADERS, 2nd Edition (9781412963749, $72.95), a fine survey of how teachers can assume a leadership role for overall school success. Chapters cover tips on revitalizing teaching in the schools and offer administrators and principals opportunities for encouraging and changing teacher participation. The second edition of Linda Campbell and Bruce Campbell's MINDFUL LEARNING (9781412966931, $33.95) packs in over a hundred field-tested strategies for student/teacher interactions. From insuring gender-fair instruction and instigating active learning exercises at different grade levels to teaching diverse students, MINDFUL LEARNING is packed with concrete applications. Carrol Moran,'s third updated edition KEYS TO THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM (9781412963695, $35.95) is an essential reference for new teachers and should be required educator reading for the first month of teaching a class. A detailed week-by-week account includes assessment of routines, procedures, activities and common challenges in managing the elementary classroom. Barbara P. Benson's HOW TO MEET STANDARDS, MOTIVATE STUDENTS, AND STILL ENJOY TEACHING! 2ND EDITION (9781412963671, $35.95) focuses on four basic practices proven to improve student learning. From fostering a group of learners who are self-directed to following standards- based curriculum while adding content and streamlining process, it offers many tools for stimulating growth within the familiar teaching structure. The second edition of Jeffrey A. Kottler and Ellen Kottler's STUDENTS WHO DRIVE YOU CRAZY: SUCCEEDING WITH RESISTANT, UNMOTIVATED, AND OTHERWISE DIFFICULT YOUNG PEOPLE (9781412965286, $56.95) is for any teacher at a loss on how to deal with student behaviors. Chapters show how to handle difficult kids, suggest new responses and approaches to misbehaviors, and offers charts of characteristics and accompanying guidelines for handling them. Laura Lipton and Deborah Hubble's MORE THAN 100 WAYS TO LEARNER-CENTERED LITERACY, 2ND EDITION (978141295787, $62.95) packs in keys to building on student experiences to learn language. Chapters document these common experiences, link them to language lessons, and provide educators with exercises and materials. Judy M. Brunner and Dennis K. Lewis' SAFE & SECURE SCHOOLS: 27 STRATEGIES FOR PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION (9781412962995, $28.95) offers keys for early intervention and prevention, documenting issues in school safety and how they can be resolved by astute, perceptive administrators. Richard A. Schmuck edits PRACTICAL ACTION RESEARCH, 2ND EDITION (9781412962872, $28.95), a collection of articles that create alternative ways for enhancing classroom practices. Articles by experts include seven new contributions to this edition and pair well with case studies demonstrating theory. Marcia L. Tate's MATHEMATICS WORKSHEETS DON'T GROW DENDRITES 20 (9781412953337, $33.95) provides numeracy strategies for grades Pre-K to 8, offering creative methods for blending visual, auditory and tactile modalities and fostering achievement in math. Brain-compatible math activities and lessons have been submitted by practicing teachers across the country. David Hyerle's VISUAL TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMING INFORMATION INTO KNOWLEDGE (9781412424276, $28.95) appears in its second updated edition and describes three types of visual tools: brainstorming webs, graphic organizers and concept maps. Each expands teacher skills and tools offering applied concepts fostering critical thinking, based on the latest brain research insights. Templates, exercises and over 70 keys to classroom applications are built in. Dorothy A. Sisk's MAKING GREAT KIDS GREATER; EASING THE BURDEN OF BEING GIFTED (9781412958721, $28.95) is written by a gifted education expert who analyzes the techniques, strategies and lessons to help gifted students link their cognitive abilities with their social skills. From real stories of gifted students to suggested activities, teacher voices and experiences, and reading lists and web sites, MAKING GREAT KIDS GREATER is essential for any education collection. Frederick A. Lindley's THE PORTABLE MENTOR, 2ND EDITION (9781412949019, $33.95) offers entry-level principals and mentors a fine resource guide based on 40 years experience as an educator, principal and mentor. It's organized around the nine-month school years and blends in the revised 2008 ISLLC standards as it covers the ten basic strategies for improving student achievement. The second updated edition of Cornelius L. Barker and Claudette J. Searchwell's WRITING YEAR-END TEACHER IMPROVEMENT PLANS - RIGHT NOW! (9781412953732, $28.95) is also for principals and provides a key reference to teacher improvement plans, covering revised proficiency categories, offering new case studies, and including a new comprehensive annual performance form package with diagnostics and guidelines for drafting improvement plans. Margaret J. McLaughlin's WHAT EVERY PRINCIPAL NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT SPECIAL EDUCATION (9781412964166, $26.95) appears in its second updated edition to provide a review of special education programs for principals. From fulfilling the latest legal and education requirements to understanding federal laws and supporting eligibility decisions, this is 'must' for any educator's library. Also key is Sharon Kruse and Karen Seashore Louis' BUILDING STRONG SCHOOL CULTURES: A GUIDE TO LEADING CHANGE (9781412951821, $31.95), a survey of how to develop and foster an integrated school culture that engages educators with colleagues and communities alike. Principals will welcome the call to create a viable, sustainable school culture using organizational learning methods. Eric Jensen's SUPER TEACHING (9781412963329, $35.95) packs in over 1,000 strategies for teachers, considering how students learn and also how instruction changes a student's brain and thinking. From using assessment as part of instruction to handling special needs kids, SUPER TEACHING is packed with powerful opportunities. All are key picks for education libraries.
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