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Kathleen Feeney Jonson's second edition of BEING AN EFFECTIVE MENTOR: HOW TO HELP BEGINNING TEACHERS SUCCEED (9781412940627, $33.95) comes from an educator and mentoring expert who identifies the skills that nurture beginning teachers, providing techniques for mentors which use feedback, role modeling, and a combination of teacher methods and assessment options. From establishing a new career path as a mentor to revitalizing an existing one, this covers many basics and is a fine survey for any college-level education collection. Virginia Smith Harvey and Joan A. Struzziero's PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SUPERVISION OF SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS FROM INTERN TO EXPERT (9781412953276, $40.95) appears in its second updated edition to substantially revise a classic, addressing administrative and clinical supervision skills needed for school psychologists to thrive. From expanding professional roles in offering prevention services to tools for assessing supervisor effectiveness and sample dilemmas to study, this extensive survey is based on the latest research and is a 'must' for any college-level educator's collection. Olaf Jorgenson's A REFLECTIVE PLANNING JOURNAL FOR SCHOOL LEADERS (9781412958097, $22.95) offers ideas and tips from winning principals and blends a journal with a planning calendar and 'how to' guide for any who would foster professional development. This step-by-step resource is arranged by the school year and offers tips, exercises and guidelines for prioritizing and planning. James H. McMillan's ASSESSMENT ESSENTIALS FOR STANDARDS-BASED EDUCATION (9781412955515, $27.95) appears in its second updated edition to help teachers blend assessment processes with teaching and learning. From basic principals of reliability and testing to using data to make improvements, ASSESSMENT ESSENTIALS is an important key to blending data with change. Karl J. Klimek, Elsie Ritzenhein and Kathryn Sullivan's GENERATIVE LEADERSHIP: SHAPING NEW FUTURES FOR TODAY'S SCHOOLS (9781412953023, $27.95) considers basic elements of generative leadership and outlines six hallmarks for developing an individual's 'generative' potentials. From personal reflection and harnessing creativity to leading organizations from data, GENERATIVE LEADERSHIP is a winning guide educators need. Hal Portner's MENTORING NEW TEACHERS, 3RD EDITION (9781412940090, $25.95) uses a blend of research and experience to review mentoring behaviors and teacher standards. From classroom observation methods and tools which assess and contrast learning styles to important mentoring functions, Portner's MENTORING NEW TEACHERS is an essential key to passing wisdom and an important pick for any education collection. Also key is the second updated edition of Marilee Sprenger's DIFFERENTIATION THROUGH LEARNING STYLES AND MEMORY (9781412955454, $30.95), an updated review of student learning styles and brain-based strategies based on the latest research into learning methods. From how the brain processes and stores information to how teachers can evaluate their own classroom effectiveness, DIFFERENTIATION THROUGH LEARNING STYLES is an excellent educator's pick. Kathy Perez's MORE THAN 100 BRAIN-FRIENDLY TOOLS AND STRATEGIES FOR LITERACY INSTRUCTION (9781412926935, $28.95) offers more than 100 field-tested strategies for results at any grade level, blending hands-on activities with techniques for different intelligence levels. These strategies will provide teachers, literacy coaches and reading specialists not with theory but with proven tools that work, making for an important classroom pick. Denise D. Nessel and Carol N. Dixon's USING THE LANGUAGE APPROACH WITH ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS: STRATEGIES FOR ENGAGING STUDENTS AND DEVELOPING LITERACY (9781412955058, $31.95) offers K-12 teachers in ESL a basic instructional method for meeting students at their different levels and helping them use listening skills to build reading skills. This method allows students to build upon their own experiences, accenting the learning process with familiar choices. An outstanding approach ESL teachers will relish.
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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