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Bill McNeal and Tom Oxholm's A SCHOOL DISTRICT'S JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE: LESSONS FROM BUSINESS AND EDUCATION (9781412741587, $28.95) offers educators a survey of improved outcomes, instructional leadership, and assessments geared to establishing a partnership to help students meet grade-level expectations, and support schools. Chapters survey quality, leadership and more. Ron Nash's THE ACTIVE CLASSROOM (9781412960878, $26.95) offers a set of strategies for involving students, from creating a welcoming interactive environment fostering learning to managing classroom discussions and interdependent learning. Marilyn Gootman's THE CARING TEACHER'S GUIDE TO DISCIPLINE (9781412962841, $32.95) is directed to teachers of grades K-6 and shows how to help students learn self-control and responsibility. The third updated edition shows teachers how to guide student behavior to develop positive, supportive relationships and how to set roles and develop student problem-solving techniques. Ellen McIntyre,'s 6 PRINCIPLES FOR TEACHING ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS IN ALL CLASSROOMS (9781412958349) provides educators with an instructional approach to ESL lessons, providing lessons, tips and more from teachers who have been trained in the proven instructional model presented here. Barbara Brauner Berns and Judith Opert Sandler edit MAKING SCIENCE CURRICULUM MATTER (9781412967235, $25.95) is based on the National Science Foundation's Instructional Materials Development program, and offers an examination of the work of four NSF-funded dissemination centers. From establishing K-12 science programs to instigating reform measures for existing programs, it's a winning guide education collections will appreciate. Ann I. Nevin, Richard A. Villa and Jacqueline S. Thousand's A GUIDE TO CO-TEACHING WITH PARAEDUCATORS: PRACTICAL TIPS FOR K-12 EDUCATORS (9781412957649, $28.95) focuses on paraeducators and their roles, offering a plan of work through school system existing supports that show how teachers and paraeducators can work together. From reproducible forms for co-teaching objectives to K-12 examples of effective student encouragement, this book's a fine source for educators interested in co-teaching mechanics. Barbara L. McCombs and Lynda Miller's SCHOOL LEADER'S GUIDE TO LEARNER-CENTERED EDUCATION: FROM COMPLEXITY TO SIMPLICITY (9781412960175, $36.95) provides a model for creating and sustaining a learner-centered classroom blending ideals of educational psychology with practical classroom applications. From blending learning standards and providing leadership to preparing students for global citizenship and applying tools needed for transition points, SCHOOL LEADER'S GUIDE TO LEARNER-CENTERED EDUCATION: FROM COMPLEXITY TO SIMPLICITY is a winner. David A. Squires' CURRICULUM ALIGNMENT: RESEARCH-BASED STRATEGIES FOR INCREASING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT (9781412960076, $33.95) covers the basic theory of alignment and how it can help student achievement goals. Aligning what is taught, written and tested can improve performance of not just single students, but the entire school. Chapters tell how to use alignment as a design element, expanding options for better test scores and student achievement in the process. Charles J. Russo and Allan G. Osborne Jr.'s SECTION 504 AND THE ADA (9781412955096, $26.95) provides a strong but simple legal desk reference for educators interested in protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities. From testing accommodations and educational access issues to employee rights and the legal rights of parents, this provides an excellent comprehensive survey. The second updated edition of David Smokler's INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCES: INCREASING STUDENT ENGAGEMENT AND LEARNING, GRADES 6-12 (9781412960878, $22.95) teaches how to energize adolescent learning through memorable learning experiences based on brain-compatible teaching principles. Nine new sample learning experiences plus a revised assessment chapter covering standards-based education and NCLB reflect just some of the updated details which can be used to connect hundreds of themes across the middle to high school curricula. A top choice for any serious teaching library.
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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