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Teachers and college-level collections strong in education studies will relish these new, important titles. Jie-Qi Chen and Gillian Dowley McNamee's BRIDGING: ASSESSMENT FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING IN EARLY CHILDHOOD CLASSROOMS, PRE-K-3 (9781412950107, $34.95) is for practicing teachers and encourages them to assess both classroom content and the process of teaching it. Fifteen activities across five curricular areas provide guidelines for 'bridging' observations of children to classroom teaching practices, helping teachers assess development, effective learning techniques, and helping them to predict future learning techniques and trends. Brenda Utter's PICK AND PLAN: 100 BRAIN-COMPATIBLE STRATEGIES FOR LESSON DESIGN (9781412951142, $24.95) also presents an activities-based workbook to teachers, offering strategies to tailor classroom activities to students' individual learning styles and needs. From development a framework for engagement to mixing strategies and organizing routines, sample lessons and sidebars of information accompany classroom-specific routines and suggestions gleaned from real-world applications that work. Sarah F. Mahurt, Ruth E. Metcalfe and Margaret A. Gwyther's BUILDING BRIDGES FROM EARLY TO INTERMEDIATE LITERACY GRADES 2-4 (9781412949637, $27.95) surveys a range of techniques designed to move students from beginning to intermediate literacy levels, showing teachers how to refine instruction to incorporate specialized assessment tools, reading and writing instruction strategies, and using charts to track progress. Chapters have been tested by experienced literacy educators and offer a fine synthesis of techniques that work. Carey Dimmitt, John C. Carey and Trish Hatch's EVIDENCE-BASED SCHOOL COUNSELING: MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH DATA-DRIVEN PRACTICES (9781412948906, $32.95) provides a process for using evidence to determine what needs to be done, interventions, and assessing intervention effectiveness. School counselors and students of the profession receive specific guidelines and models for collecting and analyzing data, including tips on measuring student learning and behavior modification. An excellent guide counselors will appreciate. Vickie Gill's THE TEN STUDENTS YOU'LL MEET IN YOUR CLASSROOM: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS (9781412949125, $24.95) outlines ten typical student archetypes to teach how to reach each type of individual in a classroom setting. While there is no pat formula involved, the approach does help teachers identify and more effectively work with common patterns of behavior and learning: add case histories and you have an excellent real-world survey. Dan French, Mary Atkinson and Leah Rugen's CREATING SMALL SCHOOLS: A HANDBOOK FOR RAISING EQUITY AND ACHIEVEMENT (9781412941755, $32.95) is based on the authors' work at the Center for Collaborative Education and provides an A-Z resource for developing small communities that specialize in personalizing education for all students. From methods of establishing new schools to instructing in a small school setting, school leaders receive specific tips tailored to not just creating the small school environment, but managing it more effectively.
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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