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Corsaro, Julie, Kendal Spires, and Gabriela Torth, Eds.: Middle & Junior High Core Collection, 12th Ed.

Corsaro, Julie, Kendal Spires, and Gabriela Torth, Eds. Middle & Junior High Core Collection, 12th Ed. HW Wilson/Grey House Publishing, 2015. 1,500p. $295. 9781-61925-706-1. Index.

With 11,000 book titles this edition of the Core Collection is the newest printed version of the EBSCO database of the same name. The online database is updated weekly and this printed version is published every two years. Since it is an abridgment of the database, the text represents only books given the highest ratings (highly recommended and core collection) by the experienced librarian reviewers who look at books in English published or distributed in the United States. Arranged according to the Dewey Decimal system with fiction and short stories separated out, each entry includes full bibliographic information including subject headings as well as a description and a critical note from review sources. The texts layout and the information provided will certainly make it useful as an aid for librarians who are looking to create or enhance their collections. The scope of the work covers the widest possible range of childrens literature removing only those books that are written for adults and those considered "classics," in the hopes that the focus will be on some lesser known titles. The titles covered are those deemed appropriate for grades four through twelve which allows makes this title useful for a wide range of readers' advisory tasks.

Overall, this work provides solid information that will be helpful to librarians, but its cost and the fact that it becomes dated every two years in printed text may be prohibitive, forcing staff to look for other sources that carry similar information. Rachel Wadham.

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Author:Wadham, Rachel
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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