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Corruption-fighters are arrested for corruption.

Iran has arrested more than 10 officials of the country's anticorruption campaign on charges of corruption, Justice Minister Mustafa Pur-Mohammadi announced Sunday.

"In the Government Discretionary Punishments Organization [GDPO], some of our colleagues have been corrupted," Pur-Mohammadi said.

"In line with the fight against corruption, more than 10 colleagues in the GDPO, most of them managers and consultants, have been arrested and interrogated," he said.

He did not give their names, or the precise number of arrested men. He also did not say if more arrests were anticipated. In addition, he failed to describe the nature of their corruption; the most likely form of corruption for an anti-corruption official would be to take bribes to rule there was no evidence of corruption by an official.

On its website, the GDPO says it was set up to fight economic and financial corruption.

President Rohani ordered his administration in late December to take measures to fight "financial corruption ... particularly those who have taken advantage of economic sanctions".

Babak Zanjani, an Iranian tycoon who reputedly played a major role in busting sanctions imposed on Tehran over its nuclear program, was arrested a day later.

Occasionally, government officials are arrested on corruption charges, but they are few and far between.
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Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Feb 7, 2014
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