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Corruption a curse.

The anti-corruption movement in India is unprecedented due to the sheer scale of involvement of people from all walks of life - village farmers, educated youth or businessmen.

All are united and taking a firm stand against the might of the government, symbolised by the Congress Party.

Corruption is a curse for India and any developing country. To get a file moving in a government office, you have to grease the palms - from peon to the concerned official.

It's rare to find politicians with character and integrity who could match the leaders during the struggle for freedom from British Raj. The legends of those selfless leaders are of bygone era.

Now politicians are busy minting money for themselves, their families, community members and stooges. They overlook the grinding poverty and desperation of the layman struggling to make a living against all odds.

The 'storm' by Anna Hazare and his associates has stirred citizens' consciences and is sure to shake politics.

Hazare is only a catalyst, who has given a face to the movement and hope to millions who want to abolish corruption from public life.

The government miscalculated the mood of the nation by arresting and putting Hazare in Tihar Jail. It was a blatant violation of his democratic and constitutional rights.

It's time parliament kept aside its inhibitions and came forward to find a solution acceptable to all sides. By claiming that it's their parliamentary right to draft bills, the government is alienating the people who have elected the ministers to represent them in parliament.

What's wrong if Hazare is demanding stricter rules to fight corruption? Only such rules will deter corrupt politicians and public servants from taking bribes.

Hazare and his team should also utilise the media focus they are getting to highlight the decline of moral values, which results in corruption.

If each one of us becomes sincere in whatever we do, corruption will be eradicated forever. Imagine a situation when a milkman stops mixing water in milk, motorists use a meter and policemen stop taking bribes and perform their duty sincerely - it will be a real win over corruption.

Nobody knows what turn the situation will take.

Will the government buckle under pressure? Will Hazare give up his fast, realising it's not possible to correct the corrupt politicians, something which is too much for him and his team?

But one thing is clear: when the birth pangs is over, a new India will emerge - strong, united and confident - and again we will be able to say - I'm proud to be an Indian.

George Glace

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
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Date:Aug 28, 2011
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