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Corrugated packaging division: people resources solutions.

The Anilox Roll: Heart of the Flexo Process

by Joseph P. Trungale

In this first-ever book on the anilox roll, the author describes the history and development of the anilox roll, how anilox rolls are used in flexographic printing, and how these rolls should be properly maintained. Thirteen chapters cover such topics as: function of anilox roll and volume calculations; mechanically engraved anilox rolls; anilox base construction; rubber roll ink distribution systems; and doctor blade ink distribution, to name a few. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1997. 134 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0638AR * ISBN: 1885067038

List: $93 * Member: $93

The Art and Science of Corrugator Scheduling ... by Manual and Computer Methods

by Franklin H. Cloud

Explains the best procedures for scheduling on the corrugator, whether it is a single, double, or triple knife unit. Addresses how each type of knife influences flexibility, waste, and roll stock. Gives comparative performance data for both computer and manual scheduling. Designed for the scheduler, the foreman, operator, and plant manager. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 2000. 152 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0638CORRS * ISBN: 1885067046

List: $75 * Member: $75

Corrugated Boxshop Practices

by A. Howard Bessen

Contains more than 430 individual practices, methods, and procedures to deal with situations in boxshops and sheet plants. Each is discussed in terms of fundamentals, suggestions, and problem-solving approaches. For upper management, middle management, and supervisors in boxplants. Sales service people, schedulers, and planners could also benefit from this book. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1996. 192 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0638CBP * ISBN: 1885067011

List: $89 * Member: $89

Corrugated Container Plant Handbook

Edited by David Whitman

This handbook will be useful to everyone involved in operating a box plant, expanding an existing facility, or building a new box plant. The handbook is full of helpful tables, charts, and diagrams and features a list of relevant TAPPI Technical Information Papers. 1996. 226 pages, three ring binder.

Item Number: 0101R258 * ISBN: 0898523273

List: $120 * Member: $80

The Corrugated Containers Manufacturing Process

Edited by Fred Kling; Authors: Jody A. Brittain, Stephen R. Perkins, and Philip G. Schnell

This comprehensive textbook describes the entire process of manufacturing corrugated containers. In addition to detailed explanations, the book also features practical troubleshooting tips, and a discussion of common problems and solutions within each major section. Seven detailed chapters cover the following topics:


* Paper and the papermaking process

* Steam

* Corrugating adhesives

* Singleface operations

* Doublebacker process

* Combined board

* Converting

A detailed and comprehensive companion to the How Corrugated Boxes are Made CD-ROM, this textbook provides in-depth explanations and information for professionals working in all areas of the corrugated containers industry. 2000. 160 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R281 * ISBN: 0898523605

List: $179 * Member: $35

Corrugated Crossroads: A Reference Guide for the Corrugated Containers Industry

by John W. Koning, Jr.

This one-of-a-kind reference book will be a useful tool for everyone in the corrugated containers industry. The book features: general information, lists of standards, terms, definitions, references to TAPPI Test Methods and Technical Information Papers, and references to other publications. This reference guide contains detailed information on over 400 different terms commonly used in corrugated fiberboard manufacture. 1996. 346 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R254 * ISBN: 0898522994

List: $117 * Member: $79

The Corrugator

by A. Harold Bessen

This book details the function of each component of the corrugator, explaining what each machine does and how it performs its intended function. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1999. 192 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0638TC * ISBN: 1885067178

List: $82 * Member: $82

Corrugator Bonding: A TAPPI PRESS Anthology of Published Papers, Second Edition

Edited by William O. Kroeschell

This anthology features papers on all aspects of the gluing of corrugated medium to linerboard, which is one of the most critical operations in the manufacture of corrugated board. The second edition includes one additional paper: "The Effect of Box Plant Operations on Corrugated Board Edge Crush Test Development of Green-Bond Strength in the Singlefacer: Part 2" by J.J. Batelka. 1997. 110 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R265 * ISBN: 0898523362

List: $49 * Member: $32

Corrugator Major Components: Maintenance and Operating Guidelines, Second Edition

Clyde Cox, Chairman

This compilation of papers regarding many of the various components that make up a typical corrugator is intended to provide plant operating and maintenance personnel with a useful tool for training new employees. It also provides more experienced employees with some generally accepted good operating principles. 1997. 189 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R226 * ISBN: 0898523192

List: $90 * Member: $60

Corrugator Monitor

Prepared by Weyerhaeuser Company

This unique manual presents, in both English and Chinese, information on recognizing and correcting quality defects in combined board. 1999. 108 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R285 * ISBN: 0898523656

List: $36 * Member: $24

Corrugator Roll Wear Measurement

Edited by Al Down

The Process Control and Quality Assurance Committee of the Corrugated Containers Division prepared this report. It is a revision of the 1983 TAPPI PRESS report of the same title. The revised report lists and describes six methods of measuring corrugator roll wear. These methods include pressure profiles (NCR strips), staining (copper sulfate), micrometer/depth dial gauge, roll impressions, noncontact measurement, and IPC/McMahon abrasiveness. In addition to the descriptions, the report includes a listing of advantages and disadvantages for each method. The ten chapters contain many photographs illustrating the various types of roll wear. Causes and suggested remedies are also provided. 1996. 27 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R261 * ISBN: 0898523311

List: $36 * Member: $24

Davison's 2003 Box and Carton Blue Book

This sourcebook provides geographic and alphabetical listings of US and Canadian box, carton and tube manufacturers and corrugated box and folding carton manufacturers. The buyer's guide section provides a list of suppliers by product and an alphabetical listing of supplier company names. An association directory and a list of annual meetings and shows are also included. Published by Davison Publishing Co., Inc. 2003. 243 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 08DBCBB * ISBN: 087515073X

List: $90 * Member: $90

Also available on CD-ROM

Item Number: 08DBCBBCD

List: $295 * Member: $295

Design and Production of Corrugated Packaging and Displays

by A. Howard Bessen

This basic text is written for people who design, manufacture, or purchase corrugated boxes or displays. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1990. 242 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0638CPD * ISBN: 089852461X

List: $90 * Member: $90

The Exciting World of Flexography CD-ROM

This 20-minute CD-ROM training program provides an overview of the global marketplace, a variety of packaging products, ink and substrate versatility, press and in-line capabilities, graphic capabilities, and more! This program is ideal for anyone looking for a better understanding of the entire flexo process. Produced by the Foundation of the Flexographic Technical Association.

Item Number: WPL-EWF

List: $75 * Member: $75

Fibre Box Handbook

The Fibre Box Handbook is a resource for those who use corrugated or work in the corrugated industry. It provides an overview of the corrugated cycle: where corrugated comes from, how it is made, and most importantly, how its fibers can be reused for minimum environmental impact. The handbook also examines more of the specifics of corrugated boxes; the different types of boxes available and how they are put together, as well as provide a general guideline for package engineers and information on designing, printing and finishing for graphic designers. There is a section that details certain rules and regulations box manufacturers and users must follow, as well as recommendations for manufacturing, storage and handling. Published by Fibre Box Association. 1999. 188 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 08FBH

List: $30 * Member: $30

2003 TAPPI/FBA Corrugated Productivity and Waste Survey Report

This bi-annual report includes information on machinery and labor operations, as well as waste from box plants around the world. This survey allows the corrugated containers industry to evaluate productivity, waste, and starch consumption data for the participating plants. The survey also highlights the results of the top performers, thereby providing some useful benchmarking data. CD-ROM requires Microsoft Access 97 or higher. 2003.

CD-ROM Format

Requires Microsoft Access 97 or higher.

Item Number: TFBACD-03 * ISBN: 1930657293

List: $112 * Member: $85

Book Format

Item Number: 0101R310 * ISBN: 1930657293

List: $112 * Member: $85

Flexographic Terms: A Glossary of Terms Used in Flexographic Printing on Corrugated Board

Edited by Joel J. Shulman

This glossary defines hundreds of terms commonly used in flexographic printing and pre-press operations. It is a valuable reference for everyone involved in converting and printing. 1999. 64 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R279

ISBN: 0898523567

List: $48 * Member: $30

Save up to 25%!

Quantity discounts are available.

See page 63 for details.

Graphic Design for Corrugated Packaging

by Donald G. McGaughey, Jr.

This text explains the corrugated production process as it relates to graphic design and shows designers how to develop a suitable design for direct printing on corrugated packaging. Topics include: the limitations of the equipment used for printing in the box plant; the versatility of the materials and substratives; the options that are available for creating effective selling designs, and more. The book features over 100 full color examples, plus a glossary of terms, a bibliography, and a complete index. An invaluable tool for graphic designers, art directors, box plant managers, packaging buyers and specifiers, and structural package designers. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1995. 295 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0638GDCP * ISBN: 1885067003

List: $96 * Member: $96

Guidelines for the Buying and Selling of Used Corrugated Machinery

by Kenneth Andersen and Patric K. Szany

Practical advice for corrugated boxplant and sheet plant managers when buying or selling used corrugated machinery. It outlines logical steps to follow when dealing with equipment changes and contains checklists for inspection of the following equipment: flexo folder gluer; flexo rotary diecutters; diecut stacker; printer slotters; press stacker; and single facers. 1992. 90 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R210 * ISBN: 0898523036

List: $33 * Member: $23

Guidelines for the Production and Converting of Lithographic Top Sheets and Labels for Corrugated

This helpful booklet provides guidelines for producing consistent and cost effective lithographic printing on corrugated. Topics include: die vinyl; graphic design and art; film and proofs; substrates; plating; print properties; coatings; film laminations; sampling procedures; packing and shipment; storage; and converting conditions. The booklet will benefit individuals involved in designing, printing, and converting lithographic labels and top sheets. Published by GATF. 1997. 40 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 08GATFG

List: $10 * Member: $10

The Handbook of Folding Carton Production

The Handbook of Folding Carton Production is intended to be a valuable resource containing information on history, materials, fabricating processes, machinery and equipment, methods and procedures and all of the support functions involved in producing folding cartons. It can be used by students, designers, engineers, operating personnel and managers, quality control, purchasing and other departmental personnel interested in this type of packaging. Published by Intertec Publishing Corp. 1995. 161 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0638FCP * ISBN: 0929531310

List: $89 * Member: $89

Introduction to Flexo Folder-Gluers

Illustrated with numerous photos and diagrams, this text covers history and concept, corrugated and combined board, size and selection, basic operating concepts, machine components, future developments, and includes a glossary of terms. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1986. 282 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0638FFG * ISBN: 0961630205

List: $93 * Member: $93

Maintenance and Calibration Manuals for Rotary Diecutters and Flexo Folder-Gluers

by Roger Landrum

This two-volume set provides a comprehensive maintenance and calibration system that can help improve productivity and efficiency in corrugated box plants. One manual covers Rotary Diecutters while the other addresses Flexo Folder-Gluers. These manuals and corresponding checklists are designed to help any boxplant meet current ISO 9000 maintenance standards and produce a higher quality product in a more productive, efficient manner. If followed consistently, these proactive maintenance programs can reduce setup, rework and downtime. 1996. 108 pages, spiral bound. Two-volume set.


Item Number: 0101R245 * ISBN: 0898522900

List: $70 * Member: $47

Normas y Metodos de Contenedores Corrugados

(Spanish Translation of Corrugated Containers Test Methods)

The TAPPI Test Methods related to corrugated containers have been translated into Spanish and are available in book format. The book contains all the test methods in the T 800 series, plus 15 other methods that are referenced in the T 800 series. 406 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R292 * ISBN Number: 0898525233

List: $76 * Member: $54

Package Printing

See page 46.

Producing Corrugated Packaging Profitably

by Elliot Rhode

This comprehensive text provides practical, how-to information on managing sales and manufacturing of corrugated packaging materials. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of a good computerized MIS system database for each plant. This hands-on publication contains specific instructions for problem solving with tips for production managers. In addition, the book will be useful to box and sheet plant managers, as well as corporate personnel or owners of independent operations. Published by Jelmar Publishing. 1995. 236 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0638PCPP * ISBN: 0961630272

List: $81 * Member: $81

Productivity Improvements in Rotary Die Cut Stackers

Edited by Elaine Deak

Due to its size and speed potential, the square footage produced on a rotary die cutter system has been known to exceed the total production of some corrugators. Prepared by the Rotary Die Cut Stacker Productivity Subcommittee of the Engineering Committee of TAPPI's Corrugated Containers Division. This book presents information and suggestions on how to identify problems and improve rotary die cut stacker performance and produce an efficient stacking operation. 1996, 27 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R257 * ISBN: 0898523265

List: $28 * Member: $18

Rotary Diecutting, Dimensional Accuracy Control

Edited by Kenneth T. Kunkel, Task Group Chairman

This publication explains the rotary diecutting process, equipment, set-up, operation, and effects on various board properties. It concludes with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. 1992. 48 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R205 * ISBN: 0898522749

List: $32 * Member: $22

RELATED ARTICLE: Corrugated Adhesives Preparation, Fifth Edition

Edited by Craig E. Nordquist

This manual provides the box plant with a practical and useful tool to make better starch adhesives as well as see better bond quality. You are sure to find helpful information in all eight chapters in this edition. Contents of this manual include:

* Introduction: A History of Corrugated Adhesives

* Starchmaking Equipment

* Starch Adhesive Preparation

* Specialty Products and Their Uses

* The Bonding Process in Corrugated Board

* Quality Control of Starch Adhesives

* Environmental, Health, and Safety Concerns

* Troubleshooting--Starch Adhesives and the Corrugated Bond 2001. 67 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R301 * ISBN: 1930657765

List: $132 * Member: $84

RELATED ARTICLE: Corrugating Defect/Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition

Edited by James T. Carbone

This manual provides a basis for common knowledge of terms, definitions, and methods of correction of corrugated operational defects. It illustrates and provides causes and remedies for hundreds of defects affecting corrugated boxes. The manual is divided into four parts: corrugated problems; printing problems; die cutting problems; and finishing and manufacturers' joint problems. 1999. 210 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R153 * ISBN: 0898525152

List: $126 * Member: $84


Windows System Requirements:


486 or faster processor (Pentium recommended), Window 3.1, 95 NT, 4MB application RAM, 12MB hard disk space available, CD-ROM drive

Macintosh System Requirements:

68040 or faster processor (Power PC recommended), Mac OS 7.0 or later, 6MB application RAM, 13MB hard disk space available, CD-ROM drive

Item Number: 0101R153CD * ISBN: 0898525160

List: $126 * Member: $84

Site License available, see page 7 for details.

Site License Item Number: 0101R153CDSITE

List: $1800 * Member: $1200

Corrugating Defect/Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition, Book & CD-ROM

Item Number: 0101R153SET

List: $223 * Member: $150

Manual de Defectos/Remedios en la Corrugacion, Sexta Edicion CD-ROM

Spanish Translation.

Item Number: 0101R153CDS * ISBN: 193065768X

List: $126 * Member: $84

Site License available, see page 7 for details.

Site License Item Number: 0101R153CDSSITE

List: $1800 * Member: $1200

RELATED ARTICLE: How Corrugated Boxes Are Made CD-ROM

This interactive CD-ROM program provides an educational overview of the many complex processes involved in producing corrugated boxes and features terminology, equipment, and troubleshooting tips. How Corrugated Boxes are Made is for plant operators, new employees, and others who need a basic understanding of how corrugated boxes are manufactured and how their individual operation fits into the big picture. This unique CD-ROM is based on The Corrugated Container Manufacturing Process, a comprehensive book available from TAPPI PRESS. Through this highly interactive course, participants learn converting terms, concepts, and processes. Specific topics include:


* The major components and basic processes involved in pulping and production of corrugated liner and medium

* The role of heat and steam in the corrugating process and the components of the steam system

* Major components and functions of corrugating equipment, including recent changes in technology

* Standards and properties of combined board such as compression strength and flexural stiffness characteristics

* Starch preparation and preparation systems

* Converting and printing equipment and styles

* Box terms and styles

Benefits for Everyone

The course is designed for anyone who would benefit from a working knowledge of the corrugated containers manufacturing process, including: production personnel, technologists, quality control personnel, engineers and mechanics, support personnel, sales representatives, customer service and administrative personnel, new employees, and students. After completing this program, you should be able to:

* Identify the major processes and equipment involved in making a corrugated box

* Define basic terms used in the industry

* Describe how flutes are created and measured

Specific learning outcomes are described at the beginning of each lesson. Interactive quizzes are provided throughout the program to reinforce learning. In addition, practical troubleshooting tips are provided for key parts of the corrugating process.

System Requirements

* Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.x (Windows NT 4.x requires Service Pack 3 or later)

* 486 DX/66 MHz processor (Pentium recommended)

* At least 16MB of available RAM

* SVGA monitor displaying at least 16-bit color (thousands of colors)

* 4x-speed or faster CD-ROM drive

* Sound Blaster or compatible 16-bit sound card with stereo speakers or headphones

* Mouse or compatible pointing device

Item Number: WPL-BOX * ISBN: 0898523664

List: $149 * Member: $29

Site License available, see page 7 for details.

Site License Item Number: WPL-BOXSITE

List: $1500 * Member: $1000

RELATED ARTICLE: Site Licenses Give You More Mileage from Your TAPPI PRESS CD-ROMs!

With the purchase of a Site License your CD-ROM can be installed on a Local Area Network, making it available to employees throughout your workplace. This Site License, purchased separately from the CD-ROM, will make this valuable resource even more accessible to employees working at the same location.

Purchase of a Site License entitles your company to install the CD-ROM onto a Local Area Network to be accessed by employees at that ONE physical location. The Site License is applicable as long as the company is using that version of the CD-ROM. If you upgrade to a new version of the CD-ROM, a new Site License will be required.

Each Site License is valid for one CD-ROM product. If you wish to add another CD-ROM program from TAPPI, an additional Site License must be purchased.

For multiple locations or for site licenses for multiple CD-ROM products, e-mail your request to for a quote and include the number of locations, the number of probable users at each location, and the title and item number of the CD-ROM.
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