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Corrugated Division Awards.

Charles E. Thomas

Charles E. Thomas, vice president corrugated equipment, United Container Group, received the 2001 Corrugated Division Technical Award at the International Corrugated Conference and Trade Fair, October 15, 2001.

Thomas is a 20-year member of TAPPI. He received a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He worked for United Container Machinery (formerly Koppers Company) since 1968 in a variety of engineering positions, beginning in research and development. Thomas served as regional sales manager for United before being promoted to vice president.

Thomas holds six industry patents and has been published in 14 industry publication, including, TAPPI JOURNAL. He is active in the Minnesota and Chicago TAPPI Local Sections.

The Corrugated Division salutes Thomas for the numerous and significant contributions he has made to the technical advancement of the corrugated industry. He has earned the respect of his customers, competitors, and colleagues.

Ronald L. Lund

Ronald L. Lund, regional manufacturing manager, Georgia-Pacific, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, received the 2001 Corrugated Containers Division Leadership Award at the International Corrugated Conference and Trade Fair, October 15, 2001.

Lund received his Associate's degree from Rock Valley College and a bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin. He began his career in 1971 at Longview Fibre as a supervisor, rising through the ranks to become plant manager in 1981. Lurid was vice president of CEL Chemical & Supplies before moving to Georgia-Pacific, where he started as regional manufacturing manager in 1999.

Lund joined TAPPI in 1984 and has been part of TAPPI's Chicago Section and the Corrugated Containers Division for the past 15 years. During that time, he served as chairman and made significant contributions to the success of the Chicago section. In 1997, he received the Local Section Operation Committee's distinguished Local Section Member Award. He has been chairman of the Flexo Printing & Graphics Committee, co-chaired the CorrPak Exhibit at a fall conference, and led CCD conference workshop and technical sessions.

Lurid is said to have been instrumental in solidifying the relationship between the Chicago section and the Corrugated Containers division. For the positive and unselfish manner in which he has dedicated himself to TAPPI, the Corrugated Containers Division bestowed this honor of leadership.

Robb Trippsmith

Robb Trippsmith, retired division manager technical service, Jefferson Smurfit Corporation, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, is the winner of the 2001 Corrugated Containers Division Certificate of Outstanding Merit. This certificate recognizes Trippsmith's contributions to the betterment of the pulp and paper industry and the corrugated industry, which span a broad spectrum of activities with the industry of more than 49 years. The award was presented during the International Corrugated Conference and Trade Fair, October 15, 2001.

Trippsmith received an AIRC degree from the Royal Institute of Chemistry and a bachelor of science degree in industrial chemistry from Heriot-Watt University. After leaving the Royal Air Force in 1953, he joined Reed Paper as a research chemist. His industry career led him to Krueger, Stone, Alton and Betz companies before joining Smurfit as division manager of technical services. Trippsmith currently works as a consultant.

Trippsmith has been published in industry periodicals including TAPPI JOURNAL. He holds one British and one French patent. Trippsmith has been a TAPPI member for 30 years and has chaired the division planning council, Carbotech, Technical Operations Council, Production, Corrugated Container Division. He is currently overseeing the "Best Practices" Short Course committee.
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