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Wartsila and Maersk collaborate in developing unique 'pipe in pipe' solution to prevent scrubber discharge pipe corrosion. Sep 9, 2022 344
Effect of Microstructure on the Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth of Low and Medium Steels. Wang, Jing; Zhang, Yan; Yu, Chunting; Zhao, Bo Aug 21, 2022 5285
Effects of Mineral Admixtures on Macrocell Corrosion Behaviors of Steel Bars in Chloride-Contaminated Concrete. Cao, Zhong-lu; Su, Zhong-chun; Hibino, Makoto; Goda, Hiroki Aug 17, 2022 6382
Southco Introduces Stylish New Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Positioning Hinge. Aug 10, 2022 184
Electrochemical, Isotherm, and Material Strength Studies of Cucumeropsis mannii Shell Extract on A515 Grade 70 Carbon Steel in NaCl Solution. Popoola, Lekan Taofeek; Yusuff, Adeyinka Sikiru; Ikumapayi, Omolayo Michael; Chima, Onyemaechi Melfo Jul 29, 2022 8883
Galvanic Corrosion and Fatigue Behavior of a SM480C Welded Joint Steel in a Sea-Crossing Suspension Bridge. Zhou, Xudong; Zhang, Xinmin; Xu, Ruiwen; Li, Bin; Ren, Xuechong; Zhu, Jinyang; Jin, Ying Jul 29, 2022 5313
Waterborne Direct-to-Metal Coatings: Enduring Solutions in Corrosion Protection. Procopio, Leo Jul 1, 2022 9224
Effect ofAloe Vera Extract as Green Corrosion Inhibitor on Medium Carbon Steel in SulphuricAcid Environment. Suhail Mashooque, Mukesh Kumar and Imran Nazir Unar Jun 30, 2022 3082
Mechanical Investigation of Carbon Steel under Strong Corrosion Effected by Corrosion Pits. Yang, Fan; Yuan, Miao M.; Qiao, Wen J.; Li, Na N.; Du, Bin Jun 16, 2022 6312
Prediction of Mg Alloy Corrosion Based on Machine Learning Models. Lu, Zhenxin; Si, Shujing; He, Keying; Ren, Yang; Li, Shuo; Zhang, Shuman; Fu, Yi Report Jun 8, 2022 3976
Critical Study on Corrosion Inhibitors in U-Shaped RCC Beams. Shanmughan, Suchithra; Velusamy, Sampathkumar; Nallasamy, Jothi Lakshmi; Selvakumar, Kothai Palanisa Report May 29, 2022 3904
Experimental Study on the Influence of a Cementitious Permeable Crystallization Admixture (CPCA) in Improving Concrete Durability. Yang, Yu-chuan; Li, Hai-bo; Yang, Xing-guo; Chen, Shi-quan; Zhou, Jia-wen May 29, 2022 6859
Mechanical Degradation of Q345 Weathering Steel and Q345 Carbon Steel under Acid Corrosion. Yang, Fan; Yuan, Miao M.; Qiao, Wen J.; Li, Na N.; Du, Bin May 9, 2022 6477
Study on Stress Corrosion Properties of 1Cr17Ni2 Stainless Steel. Cao, Angang; Yin, Bo; Li, Wei; Wang, Guilu Report Apr 27, 2022 5424
The Use of a Time-Frequency Transform for the Analysis of Electrochemical Noise for Corrosion Estimation. Arellano-Pérez, J. H.; Escobar-Jiménez, R. F.; Ramos-Negrón, O. J.; Lucio-García, M. A.; Gómez-Aguil Apr 18, 2022 7566
PEARL Harps On Increased Corrosion Control In Nigeria's Oil, Gas Industry. Apr 12, 2022 427
Comparison of Electrochemical Chloride Extraction Models for Reinforced Concrete Structures Based on Multiple Potential Theories. Xiao-hui, Wu; Yan-feng, Wang; Jiejing, Chen; Xin, Cheng; Jin, Xia Report Apr 12, 2022 8163
Experimental Study on Corrosion of Galfan-Coated Full-Locked Coil Ropes in a Natatorium Environment. Zhang, Shi-Chang; Xu, Xiao-Ming; Gao, Feng; Luo, Bin; Shi, Wei-Zhou; Fang, Qing Report Apr 11, 2022 5783
Prediction of Long-Term Prestress Loss and Crack Resistance Analysis of Corroded Prestressed Concrete Box-Girder Bridges. Yang, Yiming; Tang, Huang; Mao, Yu; Wang, Xinzhong Apr 9, 2022 9325
PEARL Offers Solution To Oil Industry Corrosion. Apr 7, 2022 388
Investigation of Initial Atmospheric Corrosion of Carbon and Weathering Steels Exposed to Urban Atmospheres in Myanmar. Thandar, Wint; Win, Yu Yu Kyi; Khaing, Thinzar; Suzuki, Yasuo; Sugiura, Kunitomo; Nishizaki, Itaru Apr 5, 2022 5217
PPG Polysiloxane Coatings Certified C4H for Corrosion Protection. Apr 1, 2022 262
Corrosion Zones of Rebar in High-Volume Fly-Ash Concrete through Potentiodynamic Study in Concrete Powder Solution Extracts: A Sustainable Construction Approach. Kumar, Manish; Kujur, Jitu; Chatterjee, Rajeshwari; Chattopadhyaya, Somnath; Sharma, Shubham; Dwived Mar 24, 2022 6936
Study on Developments in Protection Coating Techniques for Steel. V, Sharun; M, Rajasekaran; Kumar, S. Suresh; Tripathi, Vikas; Sharma, Rajneesh; Puthilibai, G.; Sudh Reprint Mar 22, 2022 6964
Interpon's New Redox One Coat Delivers Total Corrosion Protection. Mar 1, 2022 272
Corrosion Resistance Improving corrosion resistance is critical to protect precision manufactured goods such as firearms. Here's how Accurate Plating & Weaponry does it. Cogan, Robert A. Mar 1, 2022 865
Investigation of Various Coating Resins for Optimal Anticorrosion and Mechanical Properties of Mild Steel Surface in NaCl Solution. Gujjar, Sandeep V.; Nadar, Nandini; Choudhary, Kanaram; Hunashyal, Anand M.; Shahapurkar, Kiran; Muj Feb 28, 2022 4453
Using Solvation Free Energy as an Additional Parameter for Corrosion Inhibition Inspection of Organic Compounds in Acid Media: An Evaluation Study. El Ibrahimi, Brahim Feb 28, 2022 3269
Corrosion Investigation of Rock Anchors Served over 10 Years in Underground Powerhouse of a Hydropower Station. Yin, Tao; Sun, Xingsong; Wang, Yujie; Zhao, Yufei Feb 22, 2022 7530
Effect of 3-Nitroacetophenone on Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Acidic Medium. Ibrahim, Sani; Sanmugapriya, R.; Selvi, J. Arockia; Malini, T. Pushpa; Kamaraj, P.; Vivekanand, P. A Feb 16, 2022 5488
The potential of green corrosion inhibitors for oil pipelines. Jan 9, 2022 877
A Machine Learning-Based Model for Predicting Atmospheric Corrosion Rate of Carbon Steel. Tran, Ngoc-Long; Nguyen, Trong-Ha; Phan, Van-Tien; Nguyen, Duy-Duan Dec 14, 2021 8139
Research Progress on Corrosion of Equipment and Materials in Deep-Sea Environment. Chen, Sheng; Qiu, Liping; Sun, Shaofang; Yang, Junyi; Meng, Qinghua; Yang, Weibo Dec 3, 2021 7561
Performance of Cracked Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Exposed to Dry-Wet Cycles of Chlorides. Niu, Longlong; Zhang, Shiping Nov 30, 2021 4991
Reduced downtime with new anti-corrosion chain. Nov 1, 2021 482
Marjan Onshore Oil Facilities adopts deployment of nonmetallic application. Sep 5, 2021 698
Bridge works hit by rain delay as corrosion patches uncovered. Aug 10, 2021 304
Experimental Study on the Relationship between the Natural Frequency and the Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Beams. Zhang, Liye; Sun, Limin; Dong, Lijuan Report Jul 22, 2021 6550
Improving Corrosion Resistance on Surface-Alloyed Butterfly Valves: A recent study explored how to improve cast surface-alloying to impart high local wear and corrosion resistance to less expensive, common industrial materials. Rane, Kaustubh; Beining, Michael; Behera, Swaroop; Kordijazi, Amir; P., Ajay Kumar; Rohatgi, Pradeep Jul 1, 2021 2356
Life-Cycle Seismic Fragility Assessment of Existing RC Bridges Subject to Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Marine Environment. Hu, Sicong; Wang, Zheyan; Guo, Yu; Xiao, Gui Jun 14, 2021 8925
M1117 ASV, M1200 AK: Don't Forget the Drain Plugs. May 28, 2021 450
Inhibiting corrosion in vessels containing saltwater or brine. May 25, 2021 493
Inhibition Efficiency of Goji Berry Extract Against the Corrosion of Carbon Steel SAE 1045. Oliszeski, Danielle Cristina Silva; Borges, Danielle; Turcatel, Guilherme Jose; Vieira, Carine; da C May 15, 2021 2589
Investigation of Corrosion Protection of Austenitic Stainless Steel in 5.5M Polluted Phosphoric Acid Using 5-Azidomethyl-7-morpholinomethyl-8-hydroxyquinoline as an Ecofriendly Inhibitor. Mazkour, Aimad; El Hajjaji, Souad; Labjar, Najoua; Lotfi, El Mostapha; El Mahi, Mohammed May 15, 2021 9265
Cortec launches world's first compostable corrosion inhibiting stretch film. Apr 1, 2021 432
CCE: Keep Rust Off Hydraulic Cylinders! Reprint Feb 4, 2021 185
Corrosion Inhibition of 3003 Aluminum Alloy in Molar Hydrochloric Acid Solution by Olive Oil Mill Liquid By-Product. Chadili, M.; Rguiti, M. M.; El Ibrahimi, B.; Oukhrib, R.; Jmiai, A.; Beelkhaouda, M.; Bammou, L. Jan 28, 2021 9276
Research Progress and Engineering Applications of Stainless Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures. Yuan, Jian; Ou, Zhinan Jan 1, 2021 7738
Experimental Study on the Deformation and Failure Characteristics of Anchor under Graded Loading and Corrosion. Sun, Guanglin; Hu, Jiangchun; Wang, Hongfang; Li, Pengfei Report Jan 1, 2021 4757
Nondestructive Testing for Corrosion Evaluation of Metal under Coating. Wu, Ruikun; Zhang, Hong; Yang, Ruizhen; Chen, Wenhui; Chen, Guotai Jan 1, 2021 10230
Experimental Study on the Effect of Boric Acid Corrosion on the Performance of Reinforced Concrete. Wang, Qianying; Zhang, Jigang; Shan, Mingchao; Yu, Bingying; Zhao, Yang; Yang, Ran Report Jan 1, 2021 5630
Influence of Corrosion and Fatigue on the Bending Performances of Damaged Concrete Beams. He, Shiqin; Cao, Zeyang; Ma, Jiajun; Zeng, Shuai; Li, Pengfei; Wang, Hui Jan 1, 2021 6257
The Effect of Freeze-Thaw Damage on Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete. Lu, Xiao-Chun; Guan, Bin; Chen, Bo-Fu; Zhang, Xin; Xiong, Bo-bo Jan 1, 2021 7079
Evaluation of Corrosion Protection of Self-Healing Coatings Containing Tung and Copaiba Oil Microcapsules. Paolini, Nicolas Augusto; Cordeiro Neto, Alexandre Gonçalves; Pellanda, Alana Cristine; Carvalho Jor Jan 1, 2021 6640
Performance Evaluation of Layered Double Hydroxides Containing Benzotriazole and Nitrogen Oxides as Autonomic Protection Particles against Corrosion. Pellanda, Alana Cristine; Neto, Alexandre Gonçalves Cordeiro; Carvalho Jorge, Agne Roani de; Berton, Jan 1, 2021 7057
Barrier Corrosion Protection Properties of Metakaolin Clay-Kadilux Epoxy Coatings on Galvanized Steel. Tasew, Fantaye; Thothadri, Ganesh Jan 1, 2021 4359
Probabilistic Assessment of the Safety of Main Cables for Long-Span Suspension Bridges considering Corrosion Effects. Tian, Hao; Wang, Jiji; Cao, Sugong; Chen, Yuanli; Li, Luwei Jan 1, 2021 5413
Corrosion Behavior and Failure Mechanism of Prestressed Rock Bolts (Cables) in the Underground Coal Mine. Wang, Qiong; Wang, Fengnian; Ren, Aiwu; Peng, Rui; Li, Jian Jan 1, 2021 3742
Research on Inhibiting Performance of Compound Corrosion Inhibitors Based on Nitrite. Yi, Bing; Wang, Jianmin; Feng, Liyu; Song, Yilin; Liu, Junzhe; Shu, Haibin Jan 1, 2021 4872
Corrosion-resistant steels offer huge benefits for oil tankers. Jan 1, 2021 953
Microstructure Characteristics and Corrosion Resistance of Friction Stir Welded 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel. Zhao, Yunqiang; Dong, Chunlin; Jia, Zhongxue; You, Jiaqing; Tan, Jinhong; Miao, Shu; Yi, Yaoyong Jan 1, 2021 6153
Role of Atmospheric Aerosol Content on Atmospheric Corrosion of Metallic Materials. Emetere, M. E.; Afolalu, S. A.; Amusan, L. M.; Mamudu, A. Jan 1, 2021 7733
Analysis of Corrosion-Fatigue Damage and Fracture Mechanism of In-Service Bridge Cables/Hangers. Guowen, Yao; Shicong, Yang; Jinquan, Zhang; Yanling, Leng Jan 1, 2021 4897
Use of a Metallic Complex Derived from Curcuma Longa as Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Sulfuric Acid. Florez-Frias, E. A.; Barba, V.; Lopez-Sesenes, R.; Landeros-Martínez, L. L.; los Ríos, J. P. Flores- Jan 1, 2021 7149
Study on the Durability of Road Concrete with Blast Furnace Slag Affected by the Corrosion Initiated by Chloride. Nicula, Liliana Maria; Corbu, Ofelia; Iliescu, Mihai; Sandu, Andrei Victor; Hegyi, Andreea Jan 1, 2021 10211
Corrosion Characteristics of Anchor Cables in Electrolytic Corrosion Test and the Applicability of the Test Method in Study of Anchor Cable Corrosion. Yin, Tao; Sun, Xingsong; Wang, Yujie; Zhao, Yufei; Wang, Shuangjing; Liu, Lipeng; Chen, Hongjie Report Jan 1, 2021 6311
Influence of Nitrogen Content on the Corrosion Behavior of Powder Metallurgy Nickel-Free Austenitic Stainless Steel. Yu, Weili; Du, Changhai; Shen, Hongren; He, Hao; Yu, Yong; Li, Yimin; Luo, Fenghua Jan 1, 2021 6916
Damage Evolution of Concrete Piles Mixed with Admixtures in Marine Corrosion and Freeze-Thaw Environment. Li, Yan; Li, Bing; Zhang, Lianying; Ma, Chao Jan 1, 2021 5821
Chloride Diffusion and Induced Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete with Fly Ash and Ground-Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag Exposed to Marine Submerged Zone[sup.1]. Zhao, Rui; Jin, Zuquan; Feng, Guangyan; Li, Jianqiang Dec 23, 2020 7801
Valorization of Food Waste to Produce Eco-Friendly Means of Corrosion Protection and “Green” Synthesis of Nanoparticles. Vasyliev, Georgii; Vorobyova, Victoria Dec 10, 2020 8968
Reliability Assessment of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams considering Metal Corrosion Effects. Nguyen, Trong-Ha; Nguyen, Duy-Duan Dec 9, 2020 6362
Using ECA to detect corrosion pitting in stainless steel tubing. Dec 3, 2020 1215
One Gun For Everything: Building the ultimate, do-it-all backcountry rifle for Western big game. Von Benedikt, Joseph Dec 1, 2020 1626
Effect of Binary Oxide Flux on Weld Shape, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Welds. Albaijan, Ibrahim; Hedhibi, Abdeljlil Chihaoui; Touileb, Kamel; Djoudjou, Rachid; Ouis, Abousoufiane Nov 6, 2020 6986
Preparation of Graphene-Modified Anticorrosion Coating and Study on Its Corrosion Resistance Mechanism. Wang, Peng; Cai, Dayong Report Nov 2, 2020 4639
Modified Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Corrosion Resistance Applications. Ali Dad Chandio, Muhammad Hamza Saleem, Hasan Raza Khan, Iqra Naeem Hyder and Maryam Ali Oct 31, 2020 3933
Numerical Simulation of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened by a Steel Plate with Different Strengthening Schemes. Tang, Huang; Peng, Jianxin; Xiao, Linfa; Liu, Xinhua; Zhang, Jianren Oct 28, 2020 8414
Corrosion Localization Analysis in T-Shape Pipe Junction Based on Multielectrode Current Measurements. Vasyliev, Georgii S. Oct 26, 2020 4782
Canada won't impose anti-subsidy tax on corrosion-resistant steel imported from Vigt Nam. Oct 21, 2020 447
Corrosion Resistance of Waterborne Epoxy Resin Coating Cross-Linked by Modified Tetrabutyl Titanate. Xu, Lingli; Chen, Zheng; Huang, Fei; Zuo, Yinze; Shi, Xingling; Zhou, Xiaowei Oct 6, 2020 3602
The Effects of Sand Particles on the Synergy of Cavitation Erosion-Corrosion of MIG Welding Stainless Steel Coating in Saline Water. Pan, Haodan; Tao, Jun; E, Meng; Hu, Hongxiang; Wang, Zhengbin Sep 28, 2020 6817
QEERI Corrosion Centre at HBKU supports Qatar oil and gas sector. Sep 28, 2020 617
Laboratory Study on Corrosion Mechanism of Production System in In Situ Combustion. Jiang, Haiyan; Yuan, Shibao; Wang, Hao; Wang, Boyi; Wang, Jiao Sep 26, 2020 3809
Bond Behavior between BFRP Rebar and Seawater Sea Sand Concrete. Wu, Chao; Meng, Bing-Chen; Cheng, Xianfeng; Korayem, Asghar Habibnejad; Tam, Lik-Ho Sep 25, 2020 5584
DETECING BRIDGE CORROSION with a ROBOTIC MAGNETIC-BASED NDE SYSTEM: FHWA is researching a promising nondestructive evaluation method to uncover corrosion in the Nation's prestressed concrete bridge girders. Azari, Hoda; Shams, Sadegh Sep 22, 2020 1974
Seismic Response Analysis of Pier considering Durability Damage Repair. Liang, Yan; Li, Liangliang; Mao, Ruimin; Shi, Xiaoye Aug 31, 2020 7709
A Cost-Benefit Methodology for Selecting Analytical Reinforced Concrete Corrosion Onset Models. Ravahatra, N. Rakotovao; de Larrard, T.; Duprat, F.; Bastidas-Arteaga, E.; Schoefs, F. Aug 31, 2020 14505
The Effect of [H.sub.2]S Pressure on the Formation of Multiple Corrosion Products on 316L Stainless Steel Surface. Shah, M.; Ayob, M.T.M.; Rosdan, R.; Yaakob, N.; Embong, Z.; Othman, N.K. Aug 31, 2020 7687
Major concrete reinforcing steel producer and distributor Commercial Metals Co. has closed on AZZ Inc. assets associated with Galvabar, a proprietary galvanized rebar with zinc alloy coating that provides advanced corrosion protection and post-fabrication formability. Aug 1, 2020 192
Electrochemical Performance of Steel Embedded in CSA Concrete and Its Interfacial Microstructure. Song, Meimei; Li, Qiu; Wu, Ke; Dou, Yihua Jul 31, 2020 3813
Efficiency of Different Electrolytes on Electrochemical Chloride Extraction to Recover Concrete Structures under Chloride-Induced Corrosion. Lima, Thamara Tofeti; Ann, Ki Yong Jul 31, 2020 7721
Performance of Methyl-5-Benzoyl-2-Benzimidazole Carbamate (Mebendazole) as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Dilute Sulphuric Acid. Edoziuno, F.O.; Adediran, A.A.; Odoni, B.U.; Oki, M.; Ikubanni, P.P.; Omodara, O. Jul 31, 2020 7097
Carbonation Depth Model and Prediction of Hybrid Fiber Fly Ash Concrete. Zhang, Jing-Shuang; Cheng, Meng; Zhu, Jian-Hua Jun 30, 2020 6241
A Corrosion Detection Method for Steel Strands Based on LC Electromagnetic Resonance. Huang, Yong; Zhang, Hang; Zhang, Benniu; Li, Xingxing; Sang, Xiaoyu; Si, Yi; Er, A. Pa; Zheng, Yiwei May 31, 2020 6830
Image Processing-Based Pitting Corrosion Detection Using Metaheuristic Optimized Multilevel Image Thresholding and Machine-Learning Approaches. Hoang, Nhat-Duc May 31, 2020 11325
Study on Crack Initiation and Propagation of New Corrosion Inhibitor during Stress Corrosion of Aluminum Alloy. Du, Juan; Wei, Zi-ming; Yang, Xu-dong; Liu, Qing-mao; Song, Hai-peng; Hu, Xue-lan; Li, Xiang-yun Report Apr 30, 2020 7719
Polymers Decorated with Functional Motifs for Mitigation of Steel Corrosion: An Overview. Aljeaban, N.A.; Goni, L.K.M.O.; Alharbi, B.G.; Jafar Mazumder, M.A.; Ali, S.A.; Chen, T.; Quraishi, Apr 30, 2020 20144
Optimization of the Influencing Variables on the Corrosion Property of Steel Alloy 4130 in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Solution. Shamy, A.M. El-; Hadek, M.A. El-; Nassef, A.E.; Bindary, R.A. El- Apr 30, 2020 9073
Small Arms: Degreasing and SFL Go Hand-In-Hand. Apr 16, 2020 291
Effect of Alternate Corrosion and Fatigue on Fatigue Crack Growth Characterization of 2024-T4 Aluminum Alloy. Zhang, Tianyu; He, Yuting; Li, Changfan; Zhang, Teng; Zhang, Sheng Mar 31, 2020 8739
Study on Corrosion Characteristics of Concrete-Filled CFRP-Steel Tube Piles under Hygrothermal Environment. Dong, Honghan; Zhou, Yujue; Zhuang, Ning Report Mar 31, 2020 5444
Investigation of Corrosion Rate of Mild Steel in Fruit Juice Environment Using Factorial Experimental Design. Hamzat, Abdulhammed K.; Adediran, Ibrahim A.; Alhems, Luai M.; Riaz, Muhammad Mar 31, 2020 5680
Atmospheric Corrosion Analysis and Rust Evolution Research of Q235 Carbon Steel at Different Exposure Stages in Chengdu Atmospheric Environment of China. Wang, Zhigao; Wang, Mei; Jiang, Jie; Lan, Xinsheng; Wang, Fangqiang; Geng, Zhi; Tian, Qianqian Mar 31, 2020 4896
Parameters That Influence Corrosion Detection in Reinforced Concrete Based on Eddy Current Thermography. Liu, Lu; Zheng, Dan; Zhou, Jianting; Yang, Juan; Zhang, Hong Mar 31, 2020 4861
Raphanus sativus L. Extract as a Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Tap Water. Vasyliev, G.; Vorobyova, V.; Zhuk, T. Mar 1, 2020 5270
Relationship between Corrosion of Reinforcement and Surface Cracking Width in Concrete. Cao, Jian; Liu, Liangfang; Zhao, Shangchuan Mar 1, 2020 7207
Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Investigation on Corrosion Inhibition of C38 Steel in 1M Hydrochloric Acid Using the Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Used Coffee Grounds. Bouhlal, Fatima; Labjar, Najoua; Abdoun, Farah; Mazkour, Aimad; Serghini-Idrissi, Malika; El Mahi, M Mar 1, 2020 8228
A Prediction Model for Concrete Cracks due to Chloride-Induced Corrosion. Wang, Jiao; Li, Ling; Zhang, X.G.; Zhao, Yangang Mar 1, 2020 6531
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Stainless/Carbon Steel Bimetal Plate. Li, Hao; Zhang, Liyuan; Zhang, Boyang; Zhang, Qingdong Mar 1, 2020 6123
Inductive Experimental Study of Corrosion Products of Medium Carbon Steel CK45 Hardened by Magnetized Water. Ismail, Khaldoon T.; Mahmood, Ahmed M.; ALSultan, Thaer F.A. Mar 1, 2020 2068
Small Arms: New Barrel Erosion Gage Measures Different Rounds. Feb 21, 2020 228
Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion in 1M Hydrochloric Medium by the Methanolic Extract of Ammi visnaga L. Lam Seeds. Zaher, Aouatife; Chaouiki, Abdelkarim; Salghi, Rachid; Boukhraz, Asmaa; Bourkhiss, Brahim; Ouhssine, Jan 1, 2020 6046
Research on Corrosion Fatigue Performance and Multiple Fatigue Sources Fracture Process of Corroded Steel Wires. Wang, Ying; Zheng, Yuqian Dec 31, 2019 12070
Sustainable Development of Corrosion Inhibitors from Electronic Scrap: Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance. Porcayo-Calderon, J.; Ramos-Hernandez, J.J.; Porcayo-Palafox, E.; de la Escalera, L.M. Martinez; Can Dec 31, 2019 7343
Corrosion Resistance of DLC Film-Coated SUS316L Steel Prepared by Ion Beam Enhanced Deposition. Han, Bei B.; Ju, Dong Y.; Chai, Mao R.; Zhao, Hui J.; Sato, Susumu Dec 31, 2019 7010
Electroless Plating Market Is Expected To Propel Growth Based On Account Of Rising Demand From Manufacturers And Automotive Industry Till 2028 / Million Insights. Dec 18, 2019 767
Prediction Model of Corrosion Current Density Induced by Stray Current Based on QPSO-Driven Neural Network. Wang, Chengtao; Li, Wei; Xin, Gaifang; Wang, Yuqiao; Xu, Shaoyi Nov 30, 2019 8638
Effects of Coatings Containing Organic Ashes on the Corrosion Performance of Reinforcements. Karapinar, I. Sanri Oct 31, 2019 8030
Experimental Study on the Structural Performance Degradation of Corrosion-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams. Jung, Ju-Seong; Lee, Bang Yeon; Lee, Kang-Seok Report Oct 31, 2019 6131
Corrosion Inhibitors Market providing enabling technologies, key trends, opportunities, ecosystem player profiles, future roadmap, value chain Forecast up to 2025. Oct 25, 2019 1067
Anticorrosion Behaviour of Rhizophora mangle L. Bark-Extract on Concrete Steel-Rebar in Saline/Marine Simulating-Environment. Okeniyi, Joshua Olusegun; Ikotun, Jacob Olumuyiwa; Akinlabi, Esther Titilayo; Okeniyi, Elizabeth Toy Sep 30, 2019 8677
Optimisation of Cutting Tool and Cutting Parameters in Face Milling of Custom 450 through the Taguchi Method. Gokce, Harun Sep 30, 2019 6420
Steel Pipe Coatings Market Analysis, Trends, Forecast 2018 to 2028. Sep 24, 2019 1333
Steel Pipe Coatings Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2018 to 2028. Sep 23, 2019 1348
Now Available Steel Pipe Coatings Market Forecast And Growth 2018 to 2028. Aug 27, 2019 1353
Steel Pipe Coatings Market To Make Great Impact In Near Future by 2028. Aug 26, 2019 1366
Experimental Study on Corrosion of Anchored Rock Mass for Half-Through Intermittent Joints. Ding, Wantao; Li, Mingjiang; Wang, Mingbin; Chen, Rui; Wang, Yang; Chen, Lei Jun 30, 2019 7177
Synthesis, Cyclic Voltammetric, Electrochemical, and Gravimetric Corrosion Inhibition Investigations of Schiff Base Derived from 5,5-Dimethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione and 2-Aminophenol on Mild Steel in 1 M HCl and 0.5 M [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]. Kooliyat, Ragi; Kakkassery, Joby Thomas; Raphael, Vinod P.; Cheruvathur, Sini Varghese; Paulson, Bin May 31, 2019 6973
Specialist Screws in Various Materials and Finishes Available from Challenge Europe. May 12, 2019 243
Powder Coating Advances for Edge Corrosion Protection. Shaffer, Kathryn; Schneider, John; Gonder, Holli; Allen, Cassandra; Flegm, Shawn; Deng, Lan; Woodwor May 1, 2019 1706
Study on the Influence of AC Stray Current on X80 Steel under Stripped Coating by Electrochemical Method. Cui, Yanyu; Shen, Tao; Ding, Qingmiao Apr 30, 2019 4133
Inhibition of API 5L X52 Pipeline Steel Corrosion in Acidic Medium by Gemini Surfactants: Electrochemical Evaluation and Computational Study. Hamed, Ibrahim; Osman, Magda Mohamed; Abdelraheem, Omnia Hassan; Nessim, Maher Ibrahim; El mahgary, Apr 30, 2019 6737
Electrophoretic Deposition of Chitosan Films Doped with [Nd.sub.2][Ti.sub.2][O.sub.7] Nanoparticles as Protective Coatings against Corrosion in Saline Solutions. Martinez-Gomez, M.; Quinto-Hernandez, A.; Flores-Garcia, N.S.; Mayen, Jan; Dominguez-Diaz, M.; Marti Apr 30, 2019 9871
Microstructure Characteristics of GFRP Reinforcing Bars in Harsh Environment. El-Hassan, Hilal; Maaddawy, Tamer El Apr 30, 2019 11527
Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Corrosion Inhibitors for Concrete Structures by Electrochemical Testing in Saturated Ca[(OH).sub.2] Solutions with NaCl and [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]. Ryu, Hwa Sung; Lim, Chang Gil; Kang, Tae Won; Lim, Seungmin; Kim, Hong Tae; Shin, Sang Heon Apr 30, 2019 6276
New Cortec Additive Enhances Corrosion Protection of Water-Based Coatings Systems. Apr 1, 2019 299
Corrosive Environment Assessment and Corrosion-Induced Rockbolt Failure Analysis in a Costal Underground Mine. Guo, Qifeng; Pan, Jiliang; Wang, Min; Cai, Meifeng; Xi, Xun Mar 31, 2019 4219
Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by Poly(butylene succinate)-L-histidine Extended with 1,6-diisocynatohexane Polymer Composite in 1 M HCl. Tsoeunyane, M.G.; Makhatha, M.E.; Arotiba, O.A. Mar 31, 2019 7441
The Electrochemical Variation of a Kind of Protein Staining and Food Dye as a New Corrosion Inhibitor on Mild Steel in Acidic Medium. Ozkir, Demet Mar 31, 2019 6888
Chloride Levels That Initiated Corrosion of Duplex Stainless Steel Embedded in Mortar. Wu, Yu-You; Presuel-Moreno, Francisco Mar 31, 2019 3697
Cortec announces water-based corrosion inhibitor additive. Mar 7, 2019 345
The Influence of Corrosion on the Mechanical Behavior of AISI 316L Stainless Steel Welds. Turkan, Murat; Karakas, Ozler Report Mar 1, 2019 2344
HDPE Pipe for Corrosion- And Leak-Free Operation. Peterson, Kent W. Mar 1, 2019 2985
SIDF Signs first Finance Agreement within Tawteen Program for Local Content. Feb 10, 2019 245
CORROSION CONTROL. Pianoforte, Kerry Feb 1, 2019 1294
Inhibiting corrosion in utilities infrastructure. Dec 1, 2018 859
Different Approach to Managing Corrosion Under Insulation. Report Nov 1, 2018 1249
Cost estimates coming for repairs to Naperville's iconic bell tower. Oct 11, 2018 475
Corrosion Prevention for Historical Preservation. Oct 1, 2018 990
PIGEON POO ADDS PS800K TO BRIDGE REPAIR BILL; Bird droppings obscured corrosion. Sep 25, 2018 398
Keep it coated: Bob Carlisle, president, Concrete Fastening Systems looks at corrosion in concrete fastenings. Carlisle, Bob Sep 1, 2018 1151
Corrosion inhibitor-dosed structural repair mortars. Sep 1, 2018 164
Corrosion - Occurrence and Prevention. Report Aug 31, 2018 14035
Gamry Instruments Introduces Students to Corrosion Using Electrochemical Methods. Jul 27, 2018 345
Aramco uses corrosion-free FRP rebar in foundations. Jul 12, 2018 428
Tsubaki Super Stainless Roller Chain Corrosion Resistant. Jul 1, 2018 255
Corrosion: RUST BUSTERS TIP OF THE MONTH. Jul 1, 2018 492
Synthesis, Anti-corrosion Performance and Mechanism Research of Amphoteric Gemini Surfactant(TCDSQ-22) as Corrosion Inhibitor on Stainless Steel. Wang, Saisai; Zhang, Zhenya; Liu, Xiaoli Technical report Jun 30, 2018 2305
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Ducorr completes corrosion prevention work on ADNOC project. Feb 22, 2018 123
Lasting Protection from Atmospheric Corrosion on Coastal Tankage: An innovative coating approach is providing a long-term solution to fighting corrosion in petrochemical coastal assets. Feb 1, 2018 1279
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Anti-corrosion credentials: Greenkote pushes the environmental credentials of TD anti corrosion coating. Jan 1, 2018 819
New Thiadiazole Derivatives as Effective Corrosion Inhibitors for the Control of Copper-Nickel Alloy in Sulphide Polluted Synthetic Sea Water. Balamurugapandian, N.; Ravichandran, R. Report Dec 31, 2017 4830
Demand for Corrosion Protection Coatings Set to Grow as South Africa Mining Sector Recovers. Oirere, Shem Dec 1, 2017 800
Dr Christian Christodoulou Regional Director, Bridges & Structures AECOM Ltd. Nov 23, 2017 200
Anti-corrosion credentials: Greenkote pushes the environmental credentials of TD anti corrosion coating. Nov 1, 2017 820
Diamond-Like Carbon Coating for Corrosion Protection of Metallic Implants. Komath, Manoj Oct 1, 2017 8043
Peerless protection: Ronnie Turner, infrastructure manager, refurbishment at Sika UK says that galvanic anodes offer 21st century solution to age-old contamination. Turner, Ronnie Sep 1, 2017 513
Attention grabber: A unique anti-corrosion primer from EonCoat has drawn attention of paint manufacturers. Sep 1, 2017 709
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HDPE Pipe for Corrosion-And Leak-Free Operation. Peterson, Kent W. Jul 1, 2017 3028
Avionics corrosion: Moisture is the enemy: temperature differentials, improper storage and ram air cooling can corrode expensive avionics. Routine inspection and periodic antenna replacement is worth the effort. Jul 1, 2017 2370
Evaluacion del extracto del arbol de neem (Azadirachta indica) como inhibidor de corrosion en medio salino/Evaluation of extract of neem tree (Azadirachta indica) as inhibitor of corrosion in saline medium/Avaliacao do extrato da arvore de nim (Azadirachta indica) como inibidora de corrosao em meio salino. Meza-Castellar, Pedro; Tejada-Tovar, Candelaria; Loaiza-Fernandez, Shirley; Vidales-Manrique, Alexan Jul 1, 2017 5595
Maximising pump efficiency: industrial processes across the globe require pumps to operate reliably and efficiently. The latest pump designs and coating technologies offer significant improvements in the long-term performance of industrial pumps. By minimising the effects of corrosion and erosion, users can enhance productivity and reduce running costs. PWE reports. May 1, 2017 2114
No corrosion issues: NHE says it has solved corrosion issues at the Rimex colouring plant. Mar 1, 2017 811
Astec INC Launched its New Grades 316 and 317 in Category of Stainless Steel. Feb 25, 2017 339
Study addition double inhibitor consist of MgO and Si[O.sub.2] to residual oil to prevent hot corrosion of stainless steel (304 L) of boilers pipes in power generation station. Najy, Farah Yasseen; Sultani, Kadhim F. Al-; Murshdy, Jassim M. Al. Report Feb 1, 2017 2379
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Corrigendum to "A Study of N,N-Diethylammonium O,O-Di(p-methoxyphenyl)dithiophosphate as New Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution". Lai, Chuan; Xie, Bin; Liu, Changlu; Gou, Wan; Zhou, Lvshan; Su, Xiulan; Zou, Like Correction notice Jan 1, 2017 774
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Spectra energy says rapid corrosion, other factors led to Salem pipeline incident. Erdley, Debra Nov 1, 2016 772
A new approach to corrosion protection. Nov 1, 2016 833
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Investigation of surface coating on wear, corrosion and fatigue behavior of steel--a review. Kumar, M. Senthil; Ragunathan, S.; Suresh, M.; Srinivashan, V.R. May 30, 2016 2935
US Levies Hefty Duties On Chinese Corrosion-Resistant Steel. May 26, 2016 460
Coatings for corrosion prevention in food processing facilities. Challener, Cynthia May 1, 2016 1667
Highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel chains for food applications. Apr 1, 2016 108
C[O.sub.2] corrosion prediction: considering validation. Qiu, J.H. Mar 1, 2016 2483
Considering corrosion allowances for high-strength steels. Pikas, Joe Mar 1, 2016 1763
The cost of metal corrosion in the offshore industry. Jan 25, 2016 1645
Microbially induced corrosion: the silent killer of infrastructure. Bartling, Craig Jan 1, 2016 1758
Intercalated polybenzoxazine/organoclay composites with enhanced performance in corrosion resistance. Zhou, Changlu; Lu, Xin; Xin, Zhong; Zhang, Yanfeng Jan 1, 2016 5610
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N-heterocyclic Amine Derivatives as Efficient Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel in Acidic Medium. Report Dec 31, 2015 3857
Synthesis and Application of 3-(4-Hydroxyphenylimino)indolin-2-one as Corrosion Inhibitor. Report Dec 31, 2015 3117
Determination of the probability and rate of corrosion on reinforced concrete specimens through a remote corrosion monitoring system/Determinacion de la probabilidad y tasa de corrosion sobre probetas de concreto reforzado mediante un sistema de monitoreo remoto de corrosion. Castillo, Fredy Bernal; Roa-Rodriguez, Guillermo; Cabrera, Carlos Cabrera; Sierra-Melo, Nicolas; Ape Dec 1, 2015 2900
Flowcrete Americas introduces new anti-corrosion coatings, linings. Nov 1, 2015 241
On the role of water, temperature, and glass transition in the corrosion protection behavior of epoxy coatings for underground pipelines. Ha, Hung M.; Alfantazi, Akram Nov 1, 2015 7222
Influence of sodium in bioactivity and corrosion resistance behavior of niobium oxide coated 316L SS for biomedical applications. PremKumar, K. Pradeep; Rajendran, N. Report Oct 1, 2015 7132
Comparison of resistance to corrosion on haz of a ferritic stainless steel by different surface finishings/Comparar a resistencia a corrosao sobre a zac de um aco inoxidavel ferritico por diferentes tecnicas de acabamento superficial. Damascena, Juvenilson Costa; Costa, Lidiane Maciel; Rodrigues, Jean Robert Pereira; Vilarinho, Louri Oct 1, 2015 3409
No bridge too far: Jonathan Newell looks at how ageing infrastructure can be quickly and easily inspected to assess the extent of reinforcement corrosion and bridge deck delamination. Oct 1, 2015 569
Materials world: as oil and gas companies struggle to get the most out of ageing infrastructure, they are supporting advanced research into corrosion-resistant materials, discovers Tanya Blake. Blake, Tanya Aug 1, 2015 1182
Highly dispersive waterborne polyurethane/ZnO nanocomposites for corrosion protection. Christopher, Gnanaprakasam; Kulandainathan, Manickam Anbu; Harichandran, Gurusamy Jul 1, 2015 6041
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Fix rust spots. Muscoplat, Rick Instructions Jul 1, 2015 949
To avoid corrosion, RDS Dock Systems provides stainless steel and aluminum dock parts not galvanized. Jun 20, 2015 351
Nanostructures Increase Corrosion Resistance in Metallic Body Implants. May 24, 2015 251
Army Equipment: TAKE THE BITE OUT OF CORROSION. May 1, 2015 750

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