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Corrosion control.



Did you know that spraying water-displacing corrosion preventive compound (CPC) inside and outside of cannon plugs and receptacles is OK?

Many soldiers are not aware of this, especially in the aviation world. Using CPC inside and outside of cannon plugs extends the life of the plugs and pushes out moisture inside the connector. It is true that some CPCs will fry your black boxes, but that happens only if you use the wrong or unauthorized CPC on connectors.

When electronic systems have problems or don't work, the quick .x is to reseat (disconnect and reconnect) the cannon plug to clean off the corrosion from the pins. After that, the plugs usually have good connectivity until the corrosion returns. Using electronic grade CPC, MIL-PRF-81309, type III, NSN 8030-00-546-8637, stops the corrosion from returning.

Make sure you don't use excessive amounts of CPC. If you do, tilt the connector and let the excess drain out, then wipe off the connector with a clean, dry cloth.

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Date:May 1, 2009
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