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Corrigendum to "Impostor Resilient Multimodal Metric Learning for Person Reidentification".

In the article titled "Impostor Resilient Multimodal Metric Learning for Person Reidentification" [1], the name of the first author was given incorrectly as Muhamamd Adnan Syed. The author's name should have been written as Muhammad Adnan Syed. The revised authors' list is shown above.


[1] M. A. Syed, Z. Han, Z. Li, and J. Jiao, "Impostor resilient multimodal metric learning for person reidentification," Advances in Multimedia, vol. 2018, Article ID 3202495,11 pages, 2018.

Muhammad Adnan Syed (iD), Zhenjun Han (iD), Zhaoju Li, and Jianbin Jiao

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Correspondence should be addressed to Zhenjun Han;

Received 21 May 2018; Accepted 22 May 2018; Published 5 June 2018

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Title Annotation:Corrigendum
Author:Syed, Muhammad Adnan; Han, Zhenjun; Li, Zhaoju; Jiao, Jianbin
Publication:Advances in Multimedia
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Jan 1, 2018
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