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Corrie is streets ahead, that is a fact!

IT'S said that when the character Hayley made her Coronation Street bow her battle for full legal status and the right to marry as a transgender person helped bring in the 2004 Gender Recognition Act.

And now, following torrents of tears at her demise, Corrie brings the right to die question to an audience of millions, one soap story more effective than a dozen documentaries, fiction capable of swaying public opinion more than fact.

So let's have a welfare family fetching up on the Street. Cue Norris whining, "We're paying for these layabouts, Rita. Did you know 27 per cent of all benefits go to fraudsters like them at:Number Nine?" "Norris, ignore that tabloid trash about skivers with 56-inch screens an' a Porshe in the backyard. Lisen only 0.7 per cent is down to fraud, just one billion compared to 70 billion lost through illegal tax evasion. An' Norris, people like dear old Emily are the winners, 53 per cent of benefits go to pensioners."

"But what about those immigrants grabbing houses, Rita? Mayfair mansions full of Romanian beggars." The Street's new resident Romanian beggar walks in for a packet of fags. "Hey Mister, when I count last just coupla years ago, out of 170,000 new council and housing association tenants, only 1700 from East Europe."

Okay, not very riveting telly. But jazzed up like Hayley's final farewell it might get facts rather than fiction into the heads of viewers who never watch a documentary.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 22, 2014
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