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Title Correction

In the article by Richard Thornley, Matthew W. Spence, Mark Taylor, and Jacques Magnan which appeared in The Journal of Research Administration, Volume XXXIII, Number II, 2002 under the title of New Decision Tool to Evaluate Award Selection Process (page 49-56), a correction to the title is required. The corrected title should be New Decision-assist Tool for Evaluation of Award Candidates. Please note this change as it will appear corrected in the annual volume of author information for 2002.

Contributors Correction

In the Contributors section of Volume XXXIII, Number II, page 6, please note the following correction to the last sentence of the biographical sketch for Carole Wagonhurst. She has over twenty years experience in training and organizational development.

Volume XXXIII, Number II Correction

The last issue of the journal should have been numbered Volume XXXIII, Number II on the spine and title page.


Journal Volume Numbering 2000-2002

As SRA members are aware, the peer-reviewed journal began in 1967 with the start of the association. Prior to the slight change in name and the new format of 2000, the journal had two name variations recorded with the Library of Congress over its 31 volume history. When the name was modified in 2000, a decision was made to begin renumbering issues starting at Volume 1. That decision was reversed when the current editor and staff learned that it was not necessary to change the volume sequence just because the journal name and ISSN were modified. Three issues were published between 2000 and 2001 and SPA renumbered them into Volume XXXII, Numbers I, II, and III. Thus the four issues for 2002 are continuing the long tradition of publishing a printed peer-reviewed journal for the field of research administration. In December we will mail the author index for Volume XXXIII, Numbers I, II, and III to subscribers. Libraries and other non-members should order their subscription to Volume XXXIV before 1 February 2003.
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Publication:Journal of Research Administration
Article Type:Correction Notice
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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