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Corrections calendar.

* Correctional Education Association, 57th Annual International Conference, Aug. 11-14, Portland, Ore. Contact Ruth Perkins at (503) 378-2032.

* American Correctional Food Service Association (ACFSA), 33rd Annual International Conference, "Successfully Navigating Change," Aug. 17-21, Daytona Beach, Fla. Contact ACFSA at (952) 928-4658; e-mail:

* American Probation and Parole Association, 27th Annual Training Institute, Aug. 25-28, Denver. Contact Chris Chappell at (859) 244-8204.

* Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency, Annual Training Institute, Aug. 27-30, Daytona Beach, Fla. Contact Maria DiBernardo at (561) 476-4800.

* National Institute of Corrections, Live Satellite/Internet Videoconference, "A Collaborative Approach to Staff Recruitment and Retention," Aug. 28. Contact Mary Ann Karre at 1-800-995-6429, ext. 149; e-mail:; Web site:

* Worldwide Conventions and Business Forums (WCBF)--Security Intelligence Solutions, Global Security Summit for Transportation Systems and Critical Transport Infrastructure, Sept. 4-5, the Radisson, Chicago. Contact Vijay Bajajaby at e-mail:; Web site: Corrections Today readers are entitled to a 20 percent discount on registration. To take part in this unique opportunity, visit the WCBF Web site and enter 6000-20 in the Registration Code box.

* Kentucky Council on Crime and Delinquency, 43rd Annual Conference, "Characteristics of the Criminal Justice Professional," Sept. 4-6, Galt House, Louisville, Ky. Contact Michael A. King at (502) 426-0454.

* American Correctional Association, Workshop, "Prison and Jail Security," Sept. 5-6, ACA, 4380 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706. Contact Marie Hinton at (301) 918-1874; e-mail:

* European Society of Criminology, Conference 2002, "European Criminology: Sharing Borders, Sharing a Discipline," Sept. 5-7, Toledo, Spain. Contact Cristina Rechea Alberola at 34 967 59 92 00, ext. 2139; fax 34 967 59 92 16; e-mail:

* California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association, Conference, Sept. 10, Esemeralda, Calif. Contact Ross Hutchings at (916) 263-1335.

* Western Correctional Association and Montana Correctional Association, Sept. 10-12, Copper King Inn, Butte, Mont. Contact Jason Kovensky at e-mail:

* American Correctional Association, Workshop, "Developing Successful Grant Proposals," Sept. 12-13, ACA, 4380 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706. Contact Marie Hinton at (301) 918 1874; e-mail:

* National Major Gang Task Force, Conference, Sept. 15-18, Atlanta. Contact Edward Cohn at (317) 322-0537.

* Virginia Correctional Association, Sept. 17-19, Williamsburg, Va. Contact Joyce Fogg at (804) 786-7592; e-mail: jfogg@vec.state.

* National Institute of Corrections, Satellite/Internet Distance Learning Training Program, "Thinking for a Change: An Integrated Approach to Changing Offender Behavior," Sept. 17-20. Contact Mary Ann Karre at 1-800-995-6429, ext. 149;

* American Correctional Association, Workshop, "Volunteers and Corrections: A Win-Win for Everyone," Sept. 23-24, ACA, 4380 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706. Contact Marie Hinton at (301) 918-1874; e-mail:

* American Correctional Association and El Paso County Sheriff's Office, "Correctional Supervision," Sept. 23-25, Colorado Springs, Colo. Contact Ed Kafel at (719) 390-2016 or Marie Hinton at (301) 918-1874.

* Kansas Correctional Association, Sept. 24-27, Wichita, Kan. Contact Ron Hicks at (620) 728-3226; e-mail:

* Oklahoma Correctional Association, Conference, "Teamwork for a New Age in Corrections," Sept. 25-27, Oklahoma City. Contact Vickie Shoecraft at (405) 964-3020; e-mail:

* Washington Correctional Association, Sept. 25-27, Wenatchee, Wash. Contact Pamela Maddess at (253) 589-7052; Web site: www.

* Canadian Criminal Justice Association, International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy and Simon Fraser University Centre for Restorative Justice, National Conference, "Advancing Restorative Justice: Enhancing Practices and Expanding Horizons," Sept. 26-28, Gatineau, Quebec. Contact Jean-Marc Plouffe at (819) 595-3292; Web site: index.html.

* Maryland Criminal Justice Association, Fall Conference, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, Ocean City, Md. Contact Richard Darling at (410) 708-8555.

* Wisconsin Correctional Association, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Madison, Wis. Contact Bonnie Hudziak at (622) 646-3341, ext. 201.

* Tennessee Correctional Association (TCA), Conference, "TCA--United We Stand," Sept. 30-Oct. 2, Regal Maxwell House, Nashville, Tenn. Contact Carolyn Jordan at e-mail:

* Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology, 16th Annual Conference, "Preventing Crime and Doing Justice," Oct. 1-3, Brisbane, Queensland, in conjunction with the conference, "Governance and Justice 2002," Oct. 3-5. Visit Web site:

* American Correctional Association, Workshop, "Supervising Female Offenders," Oct. 2-3, ACA, 4380 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706. Contact Marie Hinton at (301) 918-1874; e-mail:

* Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA), BJS/JRSA 2002, "The Evolving Nature of Crime: Issues of Measurement and Impact," Oct. 3-4, Boston. Contact Karen Maline at (202) 842-9330; e-mail:

* Colorado Correctional Association, Annual Training Conference, Oct. 6-9, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Beaver Creek, Colo. Contact Brenda Van Egmond at (719) 269-4402.

* Juvenile Justice Trainers Association and National Juvenile Detention Association, Joint Conference, Oct. 6-9, Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Contact Barbara Collins at (831) 336-0611; e-mail:

* National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies, 30th Annual Conference and Training Institute, Oct. 6-9, Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Va. Contact Marilyn Walczak at (414) 297-9161; e-mail:

* National Institute of Corrections, Satellite/Internet Distance Learning Training Program, "Building Futures: Offender Job Retention for Corrections Professionals," Oct. 7-11. Contact Mary Ann Karre at 1-800-995-6429, ext. 149.

* American Correctional Association (ACA), Workshop, "Interpersonal Communication Skills," Oct. 10-11, ACA, 4380 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706. Contact Marie Hinton at (301) 918-1874; e-mail:

* American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ASTM Committee F-12 on Security Systems and Equipment, Oct. 15-16, Norfolk, Va. Contact Joe Hugo at (610) 832-9740; e-mail:; Web site:

* Alabama Council on Crime and Delinquency, Oct. 15-18, Beachside Resort Hotel, Gulf Shores, Ala. Contact Martha White at (256) 236-3521.

* International Association of Correctional Training Personnel, 18th Annual Correctional Trainers Conference, Oct. 20-23, Holiday Inn Sunspree, Scottsdale, Ariz. Contact Mike Gillen at (617) 960-3315; e-mail:; Web site:
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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