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Correctional Facility Tours.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005 * 1:15 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

The American Correctional Association invites attendees of the 135th Congress of Correction to observe what happens daily in various correctional facilities in Maryland during ACA's Correctional Facility Tours. Organized by the Maryland Host Committee, these educational tours allow attendees the opportunity to see first-hand what's taking place behind the walls of local facilities. Register at the ACA registration area in the Baltimore Convention Center upon your arrival. These tours are always popular, however, and space fills quickly, so you must hurry. Transportation to and from the facilities is provided.

Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC)

The Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) manages the custody and care of persons ordered for detention by the courts to await bail or trial. This is accomplished by processing and managing the care, custody and control of Baltimore City arrestees and inmates in a safe, humane and secure environment. The pretrial population is comprised of adult and youth male and female offenders. The BCDC is a walled institution with multi-story buildings where more than 3,000 residents are incarcerated at any one time. More than 40,000 inmates are committed to the Center annually.

Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center (BCJJC)

The Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center (BCJJC) is a 244,000-square-foot facility employing a combined workforce of 800 employees. In addition to the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) Community Justice Office, the BCJJC includes a 144-bed detention center and offices for the Juvenile Division of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. This facility also has a comprehensive medical assessment and treatment suite, six fully-equipped academic classrooms, a state-of-the-art juvenile intake assessment division and secure residential housing for children in custody awaiting adjudication or disposition of delinquency cases.


Maryland Division of Parole and Probation (Gaithersburg Field Office)

This Gaithersburg Office was completed in December 2002 and is designed for the supervision of criminal offenders. Staff interviews all of the offenders in the interview rooms surrounding the waiting room area. This serves as an offender control device, enhancing building security. The office supervises approximately 1,200 active criminal offenders and approximately 1,100 drunk-driving offenders. The Gaithersburg Office was the first office in the State of Maryland to hold offender orientation classes for all criminal offenders released to supervision in the area. This office covers northern Montgomery County. The Gaithersburg Office has three specialized caseloads, which consist of Sex Offender, Domestic Violence and the Pre-Release Unit.

Maryland House of Correction (MHC)

The Maryland House of Correction (MHC) opened in 1878 with an original design capacity of 699. The facility has a current operating capacity of 1,218 and houses maximum-security male offenders. MHC is one of America's oldest continuously operating prisons and despite its 125-year-old physical plant it remains on the cutting edge of modern corrections by providing a safe environment for its inmates, staff and the residents of Maryland.


The Mondawmin Field Office

The Mondawmin Field Office is a Proactive Community Supervision Office with a staff of 53 field agents, seven supervisors and two managers. Agents supervise nearly 3,000 offenders, located within a span of four metropolitan zip codes. Staff members have developed collaborative partnerships with the local police districts, community-based treatment and service providers, employment development and referral providers, and other stakeholders vital in assisting offenders. The office is located in the Mondawmin Mall of the Greater Mondawmin Community, which is, perhaps, the most diverse square mile in Baltimore City. The area features schools ranging from elementary to four-year college, green residential areas on wide boulevards and small streets, convenient small businesses, many active churches and neighborhood associations.

The Montgomery County Correctional Facility

The Montgomery County Correctional Facility opened in March 2003 and is a 305,000-square-foot direct supervision county correctional facility. The facility has a full range of programming, including faith based initiatives, substance abuse treatment, DBT Mental Health treatment and youthful offender programming (MRT), within a therapeutic community environment. The facility houses minimum, medium and maximum security inmates sentenced to terms of 18 months or less, or those in a pretrial status, and has state-of-the-art security and safety equipment, security/fire safety monitoring systems and a full emergency response capability. The tour of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility will have multiple tracks to allow the participants to specifically tailor their experience to those areas they have the most interest in seeing. Staff will be onsite to provide programmatic overviews and handout material as applicable.

Tours in specific areas will include: Facility Construction and Maintenance, Workforce Programs (Kitchen, Bakery, Computer Imaging, Job Shop Service), Education and Therapeutic Programming and Security Operations.

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