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Joan Wendl Thomas reports an error in her article "All The Duckys ..." in the Spring 2019 Baseball Research Journal. Regarding John McGraw on page 30, it was Detroit left fielder Dick Harley who spiked McGraw in 1902, not Ducky Holmes. Harley's grandson Bob Harley, a SABR member, graciously provided four newspaper stories and the actual date of the incident (May 24, 1902). Both Harley and Holmes were in the game, but Holmes did not reach base.

The erroneous information was gleaned from a widely reported story related by Detroit pitcher George Mullin. He went into detail about the spiking, but his account printed in 1907 did not provide the date of the game in question. Thomas searched in vain to determine if Holmes spiked McGraw at some other time. Mullin may have remembered remarks made by Holmes and McGraw correctly, as well as details of the play, but misidentified the player responsible for McGraw's injury--possibly because both names begin with an "H" and because of Ducky's reputation as a brawler.

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Publication:The Baseball Research Journal
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Date:Sep 22, 2019
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