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In our November issue, citations attributing several of the quotations in Gwen Allen's article "In on the Ground Floor: Avalanche and the SoHo Art Scene, 1970-1976" were omitted. On page 217, the Jackie Winsor quote is excerpted from an interview by Liza Bear for "The Early History of Avalanche," originally published in the catalogue L'Art au Corps (Marseilles: Editiones du MAC, 1996) and reprinted in pamphlet form by Chelsea Space, London, in 2005. On page 218, Robert Pincus-Witten's words were taken from Amy Newman, Challenging Art; Artforum 1962-1974 (New York: SoHo Press, 2000). On pages 218, 219, and 221, all quotations of Bear were taken from "The Early History of Avalanche." Finally, we neglected to explicitly acknowledge that Bear was not only the cofounder but the sole editor of the magazine throughout its lifespan. We regret these omissions.

We also regret that Robert Bordo's name was misspelled in Matthew Higgs's Top Ten, on page 258 of our December issue.
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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